Are You Awake in Lectures??

Writer : Jacqueline Lie

Editor : Png Ning

Do you face the problem of keeping wide awake in stultifying lectures?   This problem is magnified for us who brave the attempt of balancing studies with the multitude of hall activities!

The most obvious answer for many is to drink coffee before lectures (or even during and very often from Spinelli) for caffeine to work its magic. However, over-reliance is unhealthy as one becomes physically fatigued despite maintaining high alertness level. Better to abstain from coffee!

Caffeine to stay awake?

What about Sugar Rush? Some students love eating sweets during lecture, but sweets in fact make you sleepy, claims Ruth, a Physics major. Sugar provides a burst of energy, but you will feel lethargic as your body produces insulin to overcompensate, causing a drop in blood-sugar level. Yet, some people find that it is not the candy itself that keeps one awake, but the act of sucking  it.

Candy power

How many of you out there peep at Facebook comments when you are supposed to be looking at the lecture notes?  It is a sad case to depend on social networking websites to stay awake. Moreover, it causes detrimental effects to one’s CAP.

There are some students spotted copying down, or repeating in the head, every single sentence the lecturer says. In such an attempt, it seems harder to fall asleep. A not-so-hardworking method is to allow oneself to doze off for the first-half of the lecture, and to catch up during the second-half.  This is probably the most common trend.

Nonetheless, something to keep in mind is that we have the luxury to run back to our room to catch a nap during breaks! Power-naps recharge and refresh!

Not the wisest choice!


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