Night Cycling

Written by: Wang Ce
Edited by: Adriel Leong

十月十五日,KE7 Hall 举办了 一年一度的night cycling。在KEWOC的精心设计下,今年的路线是从东海岸公园到巴西立公园,共用时八小时,与去年有所不同。

同学们共分十组左右,大部分于晚7:30Dining Hall集合,在领取雨披和精心准备的地图后,大家集体乘大巴前往东海岸公园。一路上, 同学们个个欢声笑语,精神饱满。

到达东海岸后,同学们以小组为单位秩序井然地取车,试车,整装待发。临行前,hall master 鼓舞了士气并强调注意安全。伴随着出发号角的响声,KE人分组出发,骑向巴西立公园。




On October 15, KE7 Hall had its annual night cycling event, the last official activity by the KEWOC committee; signifying that all the welcoming and orientation events had officially come to an end and all the freshmen were truly no longer ‘fresh’ from hereonforth.

Through the careful design and planning of KEWOC, the route this year was set along the meandering path of East Coast Park to Pasir Ris Park.

After assembling at the Dining Hall at 7:30pm and being further divided into 10 groups, each participant was duly issued a poncho and well-detailed maps, before setting off in a bus to East Coast Park. The bus ride was certainly a peek of things to come; particularly since all the eager budding cyclists were full of laughter and energy (much needed for the long sojourn to be).

Upon reaching East Coast Park, the students as a team were given instructions to collect their bicycles, test them and get ready for the much awaited adventure! Prior to the offical departure, our much loved hall master rallied the participants, already teeming with excitement, and once again emphasized the importance of safety. With the sound of the starting horn, our sojourn to Pasir Ris Park had begun!

It was truly a lovely evening, with the cool breeze blowing and the fresh air which was a welcome change from campus. With a blink of an eye, we were soon at the Cooked Food Centre, with everyone seated around the table simply sipping their beverages or just chatting and catching up; some to forget the fatigue and tiredness that had begun to creep in (particularly for those not acquainted with the life of the night owl) and others to simply gather strength. After a short rest, we began to embark on the second portion of the journey.

Slightly after 2 in the morning, we soon reached our destination – Pasir Ris Park! (all the way at the other end of Singapore from KE). The energetic ones promptly went off to engage in playing cards or simply just chatting; with laughter filling the air, while the sleepier ones took cat naps (in groups of 2 or 3) on the grounds of Pasir Ris Park, all of which certainly encompassed an intriguing experience of being surrounded by the Moon, waves, sea and the breeze. After the break, it was time for the ride back to East Coast Park!

After catching the picturesque sunrise akin to have a red majestic giant sphere leaping out of the sea, rightly signifying the start of these freshmen’s lives at KE. With the entire experience documented on film (or SD cards), it was time to head back to KE, certain in our hearts that while ‘Welcoming and Orientation’ may have ended; this merely signaled the start of life as a KEViian.



4 Responses to “Night Cycling”

  1. 1 zichun
    October 20, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    Adriel the ACS boy can read and edit Chinese???



  2. 3 GES
    October 22, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    will there be a English version for the general public??

  3. October 26, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Hi GES,

    Yes, our editor later opted to fuse the chinese and english versions of the articles together. We’re working on improving various aspects of the article right now too, as it is. More pictures will be up soon.


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