Sweet and Spicy – GH Block’s Beauty and the Beast Revelation

Written by: Mao Yinan

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

Fancy a bit more flavour in life? What about opening the door, only to find your shoes not on the rack, but hanging above your head?

After about a month of suspense, tonight (11th Oct 2010) was the much anticipated night of revelation of GH block’s Beauty and the Beast.

In Beauty & the Beast, the craziest things could happen to you. For about a month, GH residents were supposed to send gifts to and prank their assigned targets, as beauties and beasts respectively. Of course, no one knew who his or her beauty or beast was. As such, those who were creative, or rather, “evil” enough could apply their interesting ideas to good practice without constrain.

The tying up of shoes was one such idea, but it was not as spicy as the award winning prank: blocking the whole corridor with bands. The funniest prank, however, was undoubtedly the hanging of the entire shoe rack altogether. Poor shoes! And that of course is one reason why we shouldn’t put shoes outside—easy targets!

The best gift from a beauty went to the guy who sent a girl a bunch of red roses, winning a pair of angel wings. Though does the brave guy not deserve something more than that? That had to have taken a lot of guts!

The most exciting part came after the distribution of awards. Revelation time! The blockers got to know their respective beauties and beasts. There were occasional shouts of ‘annoyance’ or appreciation, (“It was you!”), accompanied by roars of laughter from the others. With all the laughing, teasing and joking around, even the supper seemed nicer.

All too soon, the revelation night came to an end, but the love built among GH blockers will certainly not. Besides, it won’t be surprising if something else happens to their shoes!

Still, a kind advice is that they all keep their shoes inside.


3 Responses to “Sweet and Spicy – GH Block’s Beauty and the Beast Revelation”

  1. 1 GES
    October 18, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    Sorry, but I dunno where else to direct my question to…
    When is ICN ar…? I can’t seem to find a date on the blog nor facebook (I did leave a msg but gotten no reply).. I remember there used to be an announcement/calendar (or something like that) at the homepage of ke7news.wordpress.com, but i cant seem find it there nowadays.. can someone from hall enlighten me on the details of the event? ie date, time. I would like to go back to watch the band performance. heard there’r a few good vocalists this year.

    a concerned alumnus of KE7

    • October 18, 2010 at 10:35 PM

      Hi GES,

      We are so sorry for overlooking the announcements! I’ve updated them to the best of my knowledge, and will strive to keep them as up-to-date as possible…ICN will be this Thursday, 21st October at 8.00pm in Comm Hall. Their theme this year is ‘Emotions’ and yes, there are going to be many good acts put up! Do come by and support them!


  2. 3 someone in GH
    November 9, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    there was a mistake: “blocking the whole corridor with bands.”
    the real situation was the doors of entire level got tied shut.

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