West Wing Supper – Back to School

Written by: Jonathan Chan

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

Wednesday. 6 October, 2010.

The air of anticipation for the vaunted West Wing Supper was palpable. Themed “Back to School”, the three Western Block Comms had the residents preparing their old school uniforms to wear to the event. There had been a considerable amount of publicity over it, not the least a spooky St. Margaret’s uniform hanging in the F4 toilet, which had scared the life out of unwary girls in the wee hours of the morning. We were all looking forward to the supper – if not for the food, then at least for the company.

As the clock ticked 9, I donned my well-worn JC uniform and immediately started to sweat (“The uniform of Victoria Junior College is thick and able to resist fire, flood and the first 10 minutes of a nuclear holocaust” –the ex-jcguide.org, or something to that effect). I grabbed my notebook and stepped out of the door, wondering whom I should interview when the first quotable quote fell into my lap.

“MY BUTTON DROP OFFFFF!” wailed a voice from downstairs, as I bounded down the stairs to see Huang Rong and Xiyu, clad in the brown of Hwa Chong and clutching their stomachs (Huang Rong to preserve modesty and Xiyu in a laughing fit at her compatriot’s wardrobe malfunction). I left them looking for safety pins while I helped carry some food off the dining hall.


Making the milo


The dining hall was bustling with activity. Sirong and Elli dumped popsicles into an ice box while Mae Yue and Jeana laid out the desserts. Khar Suan, once again, was on the camera while Kok Pun brandished a video camera with attached microphone. Lionel and Huize looked smart in their suits and long sleeves.


Discipline Master


The residents drifted in slowly,, some in mufti and others in uniform or derivatives thereof. PE shirts were abundant as many took the casual way out. But most of us were glad for the novelty of wearing our old uniforms again (even Garrick was in a Tampines JC uniform instead of his usual FBTs), uniforms which still more or less fitted. Well, mostly fitted anyway. “My skirt feels damn tight,” groaned Xiyu as she sank into a seat at the F-block table.

All too soon, Lionel and Huize were calling the “school” to order, welcoming the students back, asking why some were in uniform while others weren’t. “The good ones should be rewarded, let me find the good students,” said Lionel, the Discipline Master for the night as he leapt off the stage to look for well-dressed residents.

CunZhi appeared at the dining hall entrance, clad in RI white shirt and lower secondary shorts, complete with tie. As one, the West Wing got up to hoot and cheer at his ability to fit (just barely) into a uniform as old as this. But Lionel wasn’t done, as he went on to collect three luckless persons clad in home clothes, “punishing” them as shown.




That done, we moved on to the first game, a jigsaw puzzle which had the residents scrambling to assemble three images before each other. It’s hard to tell who exactly the winners were since each group had residents from different blocks in each, but it was good fun all the same.


Happy to be at supper


On we proceeded to the food! And not a moment too soon – “Very hungryyyy,” Yu Kit was moaning. What a spread the block comms had prepared for all, with burger’s, fishball noodle soup, laksa, Kueh Talam and banana cake, dumplings, sausages and grass jelly amongst the many items. The queue snaked halfway across the hall as we lined up in an orderly manner as per the DM’s instructions, while Lionel fell into the back of the queue saying “Wah, very thirsty, scold too many people already”.


He looks just like a kid!


Others waited for the queue to dissipate and stood around chatting, comparing uniforms or laughing at each other’s outfits. It seemed like the seniors were the most sporting that night (writer included), perhaps grabbing at any opportunity to pretend to be young again (again, writer included). The most outstanding appearance was probably that of Xing Ying and Siying clad in Catholic High School outfits. The sight of the two GH girls in their oversized shirts, complete with metal buttons and floppy pockets, and too-long shorts brought laughter and pointing fingers to all who saw them.


Two of the best dressed residents!


The food was good, as the residents happily reported to Lionel who made his rounds through the canteen having gotten his drink. The speed at which certain dishes disappeared certainly were testament to that. But soon, it was time for the next game of Pepsi Cola.

4 members of each block were pushed onto the stage for the popular primary school game which consists of jumping, dodging and aiming to kick opponents in the ankles to eliminate them. However for the sake of being more refined, each participant was given a balloon to tie around their legs, with the objective to burst the balloons of the other participants instead.


Pepsi Cola


The game started slow, but progressed into a flurry of dancing, stamping feet, ending in a heartstopping showdown between GH and F blocks. F block finally emrged victorious after rounds and rounds of lunging at and dodging each other’s balloons.

The night drew to a close with the prize presentation, as each block received a hamper for their participation for the night. As the Block Comm members started to pack up, the other residents retired to their rooms or continued playing at the Zero Point, Textbook Table Tennis and Eraser Flipping stations, while I secured my final interviews – “Cunzhi’s pants are tight!” commented Lisa, observing our RI boy’s posterior as he played table tennis. We were satisfied, both in spirit as well as in appetite, at having relived our school experiences, if only for a short while (and with a very KEVIIan slant!). The perfect end to the day – Thanks to all the Block Comm members from the West Wing, to have planned and executed this thoroughly enjoyable event!

Memorable quotes for the night:

I look like a pedo hanging out with a bunch of school kids” – Mark, F-block, on his outfit

The banana cake is nice” – Alycia, F-block, on the food

It’s A-plus!” – Annisa, F-block, highest scorer in Pepsi Cola, on the quality of the supper

I think this is damn good, everyone responded to the hype very well!” – Lionel, F-block

I didn’t eat the supper, but I drank six cups of grass jelly!” – Pin Hong, F-block. Makers of the grass jelly rejoice!

Nobody wanted my fishball soup!” – Lisa, GH-block

Fun! F for fun!” – Jerusha, F-block

It’s quite fun lar, all the games are quite interesting!” – Azrin, F-block

I’m damn manly okay!” – Deborah Khoo, E-block, on her outfit

Fun, interesting, interactive… it’s the best, no competition!” – ChunKeat, E-block

How’s the supper arh? I dunno lei I’m here cos MingZhou asked me to buy KOI!” – Lucas, CD block


Zero Point



Flipping erasers



Satisfied with supper



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