Malaysia Night 2010

Written by : Png Ning

Malaysia Night 2010 committee proudly presented Tour de Malaysia successfully to the residents of King Edward VII Hall. Behind it was an unforgettable voyage that saw us sweating, laughing, grunting, but most importantly, enjoying ourselves unconsciously. It was not a smooth start for a committee of twenty five people. In fact, that was an underestimation of the rough patch which we all went through. We were merely perfect strangers whom fate put us together to shoulder this colossal task but eventually forged what I believe would be a long lasting acquaintance.

Passport the brings you Tour de Malaysia

The crews of Malaysia Night 2010 Committee

Planning was a difficult mission when the attendance was rather scanty.  Nevertheless, we all slogged to pull it through.  After weeks of discussions, jobs were finally delegated and the programmes settled. Work progressed rather slowly initially. There was a lack of enthusiasm and communication among the committee members which made working together rather mundane and grueling. I dared say many dreaded for any announcement of meetings. However, circumstances somehow took a turn for a change. Looking back, I guess we were unsure of what each other was like. There was a wall that impeded us from trusting one another. It was only slowly eroded after weeks of observing and testing water. Although it was only towards the last few days before the event that we all relaxed around each other, those were days that none would forget easily. We practically stayed up past midnight getting backdrop and lucky draw prizes done. The performers were repeatedly practicing their moves. Despite the hectic school work and CCAs, we all managed to make it an effort to lend a helping hand to one another. That was only one of the numerous sweet memories. The rest included a night out shopping for lucky draw prizes where we detoured to the shops at Vivo City that attracted us like a magnet and subsequently supper at Chinatown which we vowed to go back for more.

Gasing Prince

Triumphant after shopping for lucky draw prizes

One Malaysia

The Big Day had everyone nervous and tense. We had every reason to feel so for the dry run was only completed an hour before the event was scheduled to commence, the performers did not have their make-up and hair done after that and there were still papers as well as laptops left scattering on the tables. As stage manager, I was worried sick that I would mess up the sequence of curtains opening and closing as there were only two rehearsals prior to it. Chaos was evident. Therefore, we were not the only ones that sighed relief when the curtains closed after the last performance. Our seniors sighed louder.

As a member of this frenzy yet fun-filled committee, I would like to take this opportunity to mention those that sweat and slogged alongside me.

Ivan – probably the leader that was in the most awkward position.

Wei Yu, Audrey, Jenny, Jia Xin- aunties that shop hard but eat harder

Fang Hau, Gregory, Yun Han-the walkie talkie community that flashes their ‘mobile phone’ at every chance

Elsa, Shao Hua, Joanne-Nyonyas that wooed everyone

Nian Ci, Hui Wei-awesome emcees

JJ, Emelyne-the Sabah dancers

Jamil-the Gasing Prince

Annie-stunning usherette

KElaysian seniors-thank you for the words of encouragement

The curtains for Malaysia Night would remain closed until the next batch of freshmen arrives. Until then, GH kitchenette has transformed into the venue for otak-otak get-together.


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