Block Day

Written by: Png Ning

Edited by: Pearly Neo

Photos by: Zhou Shuo

The air was buzzing with activity, excitement and noise – a rare sight so early on a fine Saturday morning.  The explanation: it was the very first Block Day for our newly installed freshmen!  As the name suggests, Block Day is an annual occasion where freshmen mingle with their senior blockers and have a day filled with fun.  Clad in block-coloured shirts and shorts, everyone merrily made their way to the Palawan Beach at Sentosa.

The morning started off with some ice breaking activities within everyone’s own block, a great way to get to know fellow blockers and to find out who lives above, below and in some cases, even next to one another.  This was just a warm up for the freshmen who might still have felt slightly out of place.  However, it was not long before the noise level rose considerably, a good sign indicating that several walls had been broken down.

E Block...umm...getting to know each other better?

Once everyone seemed comfortable, the beach games commenced.  First up was Captain’s Ball, a fairly well-known game.  However, the organisers modified the game rules whereby only girls could score –which, nevertheless, made the game that much more exciting!  The choices of ‘balls’ were nothing short of exotic.  Among them were a long slender green soft toy snake and a stress ball almost the size of a ping pong ball.  Every block had a chance to go against one another, yet only a tinge of competitiveness was evident by comparison to the bright cheery smiles on everyone’s faces. The cheering was thunderous and somehow contagious, rocketing everyone’s spirits sky high.

Captain's Ball. Spy the poor snake used as the ball in this round haha.

Good try, though I have the feeling that catch may not have been counted, what with stepping out of the ring and all.

How sad it is that all good things must come to an end, for just when we were all engrossed in the game and cheering on our friends, it came to a near-abrupt halt as all the rounds had been played and it was time for the next game in store: Tug-of-war, a magnificent opportunity for the guys to show off their physical strength, flex some muscles and win some cheers.  However, to be fair to everyone, each team had to send an equal number of girls and guys for each round.   The chosen ones huffed and puffed as they pulled at the rope with all their might, constantly motivated as the supporters chanted ‘one, two, three, PULL’ all the way.  It was oblivious to the supporters that their own faces were getting just as red as the contestants’ as they chanted energetically, as if they were the ones yanking the rope. More interesting variations of the game were offered this time, however, with Block Heads and Vice Block Heads going up against the JCRC members in two rounds. What with lots of falling, screaming and laughter, it was all too soon before the games were declared over.

The supporters' expressions actually look more intense than the competitors'.

Girl power!

Block heads power! XD

At this point, we were left with free time to carry out our own activities.  However, things quickly turned chaotic when Lin Hui shouted “All hell breaks loose!”.  The guys took it as their own personal mission to drag and lug their friends into the water.  Despite shouting in defiance, it was doubtlessly a welcome splash that everyone had been longing for.  After all, it could only be right to dive in the water after basking in the scorching heat the whole morning.  Everyone had fun playing in the water, dragging more and more friends along.  It was way past lunchtime when hunger struck us all.  Everyone took off to satiate their hunger with their fellow blockers.

Dunking time!

Last pic before our photographer got caught and dunked hahaha

Block day unofficially ended early as there was a sudden downpour, but it was definitely not before we had all had our share of fun.  Despite the unrelenting cloudburst, it definitely ended on a high note, and each block went off on their merry ways, tired but happy and satisfied.

Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologise for the late posting of this article. There were several technical issues encountered with its uploading and we seek your kind understanding. Have fun reading the blog! XD


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