Exam Welfare Supper!

Writer: Yap Juin Shiong

Always a fantastic opportunity for KEViians to de-stress from their extended periods being cooped up in their rooms, the library or the study room, this semester’s exam welfare supper was no disappointment (although there were several murmurs about there being less choices than last semester).

At 10 pm precisely, the Welfare Committee was standing with big smiles, tongs ready, and empty plates stacked, ready to serve specially cooked fare, that is to say, a bit more unhealthy than what hall food ordinarily offers! Being offered were a petite assortment of spring roll, curry puff, cream puff, and a mini chocolate dessert: two savoury and two sweet snacks which were guaranteed to raise our carbohydrate and calorie count way into the night and keep us awake. Also on hand were a free flow of milk tea and coffee. My dining partner, whom I specially invited down to savour the dishes, was slightly horrified to find that he “felt his blood vessels clogging after the first few bites”, but eventually managed to wolf it down “because it tasted so delicious!”. The milk tea was a tad too sweet for him, but as both the drinks were served hot, he forgave this minor point unreservedly.

As could be expected by a crowd of hungry youngsters, one serving would certainly not be sufficient, and it wasn’t long before all first helpings were cleanly polished and everyone was eyeing the serving table once again. Naturally though, everyone was too shy and hesitant to make the first move to get a second helping even at the behest of the Welfare committee, but finally one hungry F Block freshman (Ahem, CCS, you know who you are. =P) could take it no more, and promptly went to get another helping. This small motion was the precursor to a prompt stampede, where just about everyone in the dining hall immediately leapt to their feet and went to get second, third and I even spied a few fourth helpings!

Around me, I spotted the small but bustling crowd growing bigger, and waning as the food was consumed. Eventually, by 10.45pm, the welfare committee was already packing up, and everyone left with smiles on their face, including, I should say, my dining companion, who is in all honesty a slightly fastidious and health conscious person. But as he has given this event his seal of approval, like most of the KEViians who have attended, this supper was evidently another success and a feather in the welfare committee’s cap! Thank you, Welfare Committee!

Editor’s Note: Pictures will be posted ASAP. So sorry for the delay!


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