Graduation Ceremony

Writer: Wang Liansheng

KEVII Hall held its first Graduation Ceremony in a long time at the Communal Hall last Friday, which culminated in an event of much nostalgia, laughter and joy. The event also saw many graduated alumni turning up, reveling in the celebrations for our final-year KEVII residents, and taking the opportunity  to catch up with old friends. On the side, I even heard some of the alumni exclaiming their surprise at the graduating seniors, because the graduation of these seniors somewhat signified the passing of time in the twinkling of an eye.

Back to the event proper, the graduation ceremony was put in place to celebrate the contributions of the near 50 final-year residents. And celebration it was, with various performances put up by the graduating seniors and other residents of the Hall. The event was kickstarted with a rousing speech by our Hall Master, and then a performance by Wu Kaikai, one of our graduating seniors. He performed two piano pieces, and displayed his skills of musicality to perfection. Asher and Lisa (our two ever-so-compatible emcees, honestly, can someone give them an award for the countless emcee-ings they’ve done already?) then proceeded to invite Hall Master to give out the ‘graduation package’ for our seniors. It was a testimonial booklet, in which residents had written messages for each senior. What better way to acknowledge them, than individual messages from fellow residents whom they have left an impact on!

Following which, Praveen, another graduating senior went on to perform three ageless rock songs – Sweet Child O’ Mine, Wish You Were Here, and We are the Champions. These songs were simply a reflection of how the contributions of our seniors, like these classics, would be unforgettable in KEVII hall. The audience responded by clapping along in beat, and finally went on to sing along with Praveen, for the song, We are the Champions.

Chun Keat then took on the stage with his own arrangement of his cousin’s creation, Friends. This song was a sincere lyrical journey and I could almost hear many gush at the sincerity brought forth by Chun Keat when he sang the song.

There was then an intermission filled with awesome food, which was more than enough to fill the stomachs of the some 200 guests.  Next, Varun then proceeded to show us a different side of Hall dances by performing a lyrical dance, to the song “Apologize”. After the dance, the actual fun and games began, with the Alumni Committee setting out 3 games to determine who were the Mr/Ms Musically Inclined, Mr/Ms Humourous and Mr Strong of the Hall (all contestants were voted for by hall residents).

The audience was in gales of uncontrollable laughter throughout the first game. Prior to the game, each contestant was allocated a musical note (from Do to La), and they would have to squat when they hear their note being read out in a song. It was hilarious to see the contestants constantly bobbing up and down. Sarah from F block eventually emerged the most musically inclined, and was awarded a pair of spectacles that had two treble clefs as its frame. Next up, there were a series of challenges to determine who the Mr Strong of the graduating batch was. Contestants were asked to blow balloons till they burst, crush cans, then complete 25 push-ups in the shortest time. Finally Kelvin from GH Block emerged victorious when he swiftly executed 25 push-ups perfectly.

Lastly, the hall crowned its Mr Humourous after the contestants were put to a test of their wits. Each of them were given items to demonstrate what other uses these items could provide, other than the original use for it. Some of these contestants gave us the biggest laughs of the night for their originality.

Finally, the JCRC led the whole audience to a KEVII cheer, marking everyone’s love and passion for the hall, and ended the event on a high. Alumni and seniors were seen taking pictures at the photo booth set up by KE Media as a way of preserving the fond memories of the night.

For an alumni committee of 12 people, I have to say, this is an event well-executed despite the small committee. Having no prior experience to count on, they came up with a programme that not only made the audience laugh uncontrollably, it was interesting and heartwarming at the same time. This is definitely an initiative that should be continued, for it allows us to reflect and give thanks to many deserving hall residents for their contributions in their own individual ways.

Editor’s Note: Pictures shall be put up ASAP. Sorry for the delay.


2 Responses to “Graduation Ceremony”

  1. 1 Max
    April 13, 2010 at 2:29 AM

    “Finally, the JCRC led the whole audience to a KEVII cheer” – should be the hall songs

  2. April 14, 2010 at 12:41 AM

    Hi Max,

    We’ll check with the writer and make the necessary changes ASAP. Thank you for your feedback.

    KE Press 2009/2010

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