Dance Uncensored 2010

Writer: Ng Sze Hwee

A performance not to be missed, innumerable moments of magic and a night to remember—presenting Dance Uncensored 2010: Fervore! Unleashing legions of power and enthusiasm from within, all 6 halls of residences brought the night alive with their overflowing creativity and energy! All 25 dance performances showcased unbelievable dance talents and kept the audience entertained throughout, with never a dull moment in between.

King Edward VII hall (KE) presented a total of 4 dances. First up was “I Can Transform Ya”, which, according to the brochure given out, was a ‘fusion of swag gangsterism and slick R&B. Next up, “The Game of War” attempted to portray the complete process of strategic planning, thinking and plotting, as well as the final struggle to triumph over the enemy in a game of chess, through simple dance moves and heart pacing music. It was a refreshing theme and an eye-opening item, truly a  job well done.

Another KE item was “Mercy”, danced to Duffy’s song of the same name. The colourful outfits of the dancers clearly meant to entice the audience to sit up and pay attention, bringing a light-hearted change of atmosphere after the somber, heavy-hearted emotions built up by Kent Ridge Hall’s previous two dances—“ Always Here” and “2-1”. The last KE item “Breaking Free” however, was definitely one of my favourites! Combined with wushu, it added bucketloads of styleand elements of surprise with a tinge of raw power to the dance, fully depicting the hype and enthusiasm of breaking away from the reins that bind us from day to day.  The fusion of Chinese martial arts with dance elements was definitely enjoyed by the audience (especially wushu fanatics like yours truly), and the repeated sounds of “wow” could be heard ever so often.  All in all, an awesome performance!

On the other hand, love was in the air for Kent Ridge Hall (KR) as they presented many items revolving around this theme. The first item “Will You Marry Me?” depicted a marriage proposal, whereas “One True Love” brought the audience through a girl’s diary entries from day to day. The first scene started off with “Dear diary, I met a guy…” and so began the guy meets girl, girl falls in love scenario.  But things were not as wonderful as she had hoped, as portrayed by the next entry “Guys are jerks….” and she saw the guy she thought was the one for her dancing intimately with other girls, resulting in a quarrel.  Just as everyone thought that was it for the show, the next entry showed “Dear diary, I met another guy who is smart, yet humble…” … Well, maybe sometimes it really only takes a minute to fall in love?! Other items by KR included “Always Here” , “2-1” and “party in the USA”. The last A Moment to Remember left the audience in awe with their perfect choreography and difficult yet elegantly-performed dance moves. Definitely a performance of high standard, it earned a well-deserved thunderous applause.

Raffles Hall (RH) also kept the audience fully entertained throughout the night, with dances full of creativity and fun. Their first item “Are You One of Us” was very well-choreographed, but the real entertainment was presented by the sole male dancer in the performance. Donned in tight fitting shorts and a top made from strips of red ribbon, his vigorous hip movements drew shriek after shriek from the highly amused viewers, especially the guys! The opening scene of the next item ClassRHoom Daystook place in a field with all the dancers decked in school uniform and playing together. Soon, the bell rang and they proceeded to the classroom, sitting on the floor in a few straight rows.  When the teacher arrived, ‘Ess’  (one of the main characters) stood up and raised his hand urgently to tell the teacher, “I want to peepee”. Of all things in the world to take place next, the teacher misunderstood him and went over to scold ‘Pipi’ for bullying him! So while ‘Ess’ was suffering, the whole class came together and did a ‘peepee dance’. The dance incorporated the awkward actions when a person urgently needs to go to the washroom.  It was highly amusing, and in the end, ‘Ess’ heaved a sigh of relief as he finally relieved himself on the floor! This was followed by a thrilling mass dance at the command of their teacher. This was truly one of the most unexpected, yet well-performed performances of the night.

RH continued to rock the stage with their other stunning performances like “My Almost Lover” and Director’s cut”—an interesting and unexpected act which incorporated the familiar Chinese song “世上只有妈妈好”.

Dances by other halls were also great e.g. Eussoff Hall’s “FAB! In a LIBRARY?” and “Lost in Translation” as well as Temasek Hall’s “Distance: How Far Are You, Exactly?”, “Hit ‘Em Up Style” and “Mais”.

iTravel by Shears Hall (SH) was another splendid performance as they brought us to different countries such as Taiwan to experience Taiwanese street style and hip-hop; to Korea to get a feel of the Korean pop culture and vibrance (reminiscent of the famous girl group snsd, in my opinion); to India to experience Bollywood style of dance and song; and finally to America to take a look at America’s distinctive dance style.  A truly impressive effort by SH! (Other items by SH included “Colour Blind” & “Sugar, Spice and Puppy Dog Tails”)

The night ended with “Party of Feelings”, a combined effort of all the halls and choreographed by Chen Yayi. Depicting life as a blend of different feelings—happiness, sadness, naughtiness…, it portrayed the theme of the night—Dance Uncensored: Fervore—where the ardour, fervor, passion, enthusiasm of our dancers brought about such an incredible night!

Dance Uncensored 2010 in just one word? AWESOME!

Editor’s note: Pictures will be up ASAP when we can get them. Sorry for the delay!


2 Responses to “Dance Uncensored 2010”

  1. 1 Max
    April 11, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    i think “King Edward VII (KE) hall” should be “King Edward VII Hall (KE)”

  2. April 14, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for pointing out that error. Our apologies for overlooking it, and it has been rectified. Keep the feedback coming! =D

    KE Press 2009/10

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