Compiled by: Pearly Neo

Photos: Sherry Lim

The first ever KEVIIAN DAY, themed KE-arnival, certainly took off with a blast! There was lots and lots of good food (I can still name them: hashbrowns, spaghetti, nuggets, fishballs, omelettes, TWO types of brownies, MANY types of ice cream, cotton candy, mochi…..I’m making myself hungry again, oh no…), games set up booth-style to fit the carnival theme, live music, and oh, did I mention lots of scrumptious food? Yours truly spent almost the entire night at the Trivia booth as I was having too much fun to leave, but here’s roughly what I recall happened throughout the night, in pictures!

Block Committee members all decked out in funfare and ready to party!

Ah, Deb. Pre-event sustenance to last through the night? XD

There was live music too! Here's AFK performing

The most lauded achievement of the night was certainly made with the FOOD. Here's Jingwen doing what he does best: cook... Just look at the array of ingredients that went into the omelettes, which were simply scrumptious btw!

And there was MOCHI. Lots of lovely, tasty, delicious mochi. The line for this was LONG, I tell you.

Pay attention to the long-awaited, notoriously sinful COTTON CANDY MACHINE

The look on Mae Yue's face says it all

Just look at the size of that thing! To think it's all SUGAR haha...

POPCORN! Need I say more?

There were certainly many, many games to keep us KEVIIans amused. Here, everyone was welcome to try their luck and accuracy at rolling balls...or just throw them at Ru Bin if one fancied. Hehe.

Here's Eddie trying out his luck using two giant chopsticks to pick up a ping pong ball

Hit all the cans off the red stand and win!This game appealed a LOT to some of our hall softballers, if I remember correctly.

The rubber-band hooping game was a real hit too.

I recall a mild discrepancy about Song Kai having hooped 50 points at one go by piling up his rubber bands and throwing them together...but in all fairness, KP was still the official winner of the day!

Of course, there was also the trivia table, where yours truly spent almost the entire night at. (Psst Janice. One of the questions I got: Who's the head of KE Press? =D Kok Pun asked me that question, and said if I got it wrong I need to jump off E8 hahaha)

Frisbee! Actually didn't notice this game as it was tucked away at the corner. The balloon-ish thing being thrown is actually a frisbee, and players had to aim for the slit in the 'wall'

Here's an example of a successful attempt!

Oh yes, and there was this game called Fast Fingers, where participants had to make use of nimble fingers to see who could type the fastest. Looks relaxing but it's NOT. I tried and got so confused by all the punctuation marks like semi-colons (;) and double apostrophes(") =.=.

Sample of what had to be typed. I swear mine was harder! Haha...

Prizes were presented to the various winners of the night by our Hall Master

Kok Pun, our big winner of the night who went out twice!

Song dedications...the most romantic one, which appeared as we were leaving was undoubtedly the one made by Ching-Tse to Jeana: I'm Yours. There was an audible collective 'Awwww...' at that.

Prof Chong and Dr Seow pulling the crackers

I had left by this time, but word is that cleaning up was when the mess truly began, as paint was thrown and splattered on unsuspecting (and suspecting) KEVIIans, who spent half the night chasing down and taking revenge on the culprits.

KEVIIan Day certainly was a blast!

Thank you to all the wonderful Block Committees who put in so much hard work ensuring that we all had such a fantastic time! The carnival feeling was definitely brought to life, and will be remembered by all present that night for a long time to come!

Editor’s Note: Our apologies for the late posting of this article. There were several complications encountered in obtaining this article, and we thus decided to post it as a photo essay instead.


2 Responses to “KEVIIAN DAY: KE-arnival”

  1. 1 Chun Keat
    April 7, 2010 at 11:00 PM

    KEVIIAN day was a great success. I enjoyed so much. Love it totally. Thank you block comms!

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