interview with mab freshman of the year – kenneth!

Writer: Benjamin Lim

Less outspoken and boisterours, yet affable and thoughtful, Kenneth was a joy to interview. His good-natured personality made an impact on this writer, as he gave serious thought to all the questions posed to him. Very humble on his outstanding accomplishments so far, Kenneth is always looking for ways to improve himself, as the interview below clearly reveals.


Share a little about yourself: what are the CCAs you joined, etc?

I major in Chemistry, and live in H204. I was involved as the production manager of XQRJ in the grand finals, which was great fun since I met a lot of friends. I was also in the Welfare Committee because I enjoy organizing all the welfare events for the KEVIIans, and this may come as a surprise, but my friends and I prepared the desserts you enjoy every week all by ourselves! In sports and culture, I was also in Volleyball and Choir. As a little extra something on myself, many of you may not know this, but I like to watch anime =)

Was it terribly difficult to balance academics with so many CCAs? How did you do it?

I definitely feel it’s not easy to balance both studies and commitments in hall. For me it was still fairly manageable, though I am still new here and trying to adapt. I came from Singapore Polytechnic, so NUS was a totally different environment and experience for me.

Some things that helped me through this period of adapting include my habit of studying alone in my room (sometimes late at night), discussing my work with friends after I’ve finished doing them. My secret to managing my life well is to have good friends who remind each other on impending deadlines, encourage each other, and share study tips. Some friends I want to thank for pulling me through this academic year include Xing Ying, Ge Hui, Garrick, Terence and Kelvin (who was once my role model!).

Did you consciously work towards obtaining this award? Or was it simply a pleasant surprise?

Early in my hall life, I had heard about MAB but I was not sure about the award. Only when people started talking about MAB did I learn more about the criteria. However, my main motivation of participating in all those activities was to make friends in hall, and not so much to win the award.

How was competition for the award this year? Did you expect to win?

I felt that the competition was quite strong; the MAB was really good at recognizing hall talents for their meritorious contribution. All the nominees were very “zai” friends of mine who are more capable than I am. I didn’t really think that I would win.

To be honest, I find that most people in hall are very “zai” and I realize that I can learn many things from them. Things like planning, organizing, and other personal skills that I feel I lacked are just some of the things I picked up from many of these outstanding hall leaders.

What would you be willing to give up this award for?

2 things: Friendship and my commitment in church

Any tips or advice to your fellow hall mates on how to live a fulfilling hall life?

Try to enjoy this period of time in hall, it is not very long, one year can just fly by before you even know it. Enjoy the whole process; it would be good to have some memories to treasure in future.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently this year?

I thoroughly enjoyed all the things I joined, so I definitely wouldn’t do anything differently. Looking forward to the next year, I hope to be able to help out in the same CCAs and try out other different new CCAs.

Which leads us to the next question! In the next academic year, would you take up the same level of involvement as this year? Why or why not?

Hmm, I actually haven’t really thought about it yet, holiday committee is currently my main priority now, since I’m in KEWOC as logistics head. :)


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