East Wing Supper

Writer: Ginny Quek

East Wing supper kicked off on Thursday night with a glammed-up communal hall and artfully arranged seats with lots of silver tinsel twinkling, not to mention an impossible-to-miss ‘Game Show Supper’ that was proudly displayed on the stage curtains. And so it started off with a bang!

The comm Hall all glammed up with silver tinsel!

What would a supper be without any food? Laid out for the blockers was a dazzling array of food: Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, extremely delicious pastrami wings  ( a new recipe!), fried seaweed chicken, fruit jelly, chips, a blissfully sinful chocolate fondue and not forgetting ice cream! It was obvious that once again that the block committees had outdone themselves.

Yummy pastrami wings – a new recipe

Delightfully sinful chocolate fondue!!

At around 10.00pm, the two emcees for the event, Nicholas and yours truly started the supper by first announcing that there would be three games that night for everyone present. The games included Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Don’t Forget The Lyrics! After calls for blockers to participate enthusiastically, the supper officially began with FOOD!

The two emcees of the night (who started on the food first)! Oops!! =)

After the frenzy for the food had died down and the queue had shortened, the games began! Game Show Night kicked off to a high start with the much-loved and well-known Who Wants To Be A Millionaire East Wing version and the host for the game was none other than Eddie who was a far cry from the ‘shy’ boy he claims to be in his suit and flamboyant bowtie!

Eddie, the host of who wants to be a millionaire in his suit and bowtie.

So after giving a brief explanation of the rules of the game, Eddie called for participants to try their hand at fastest fingers first. The first four players who went up amidst much cheering were Jene, Mingzhou, Ashish and Kok Pun! (I bet most of you must be thinking aren’t Ming Zhou and Kok Pun west winger? Haha we East Wingers welcome everyone!) After the question was flashed, it turned out that Kok Pun had the fastest fingers and he was invited to take the hot seat. It was truly professional for at every moment there were perfectly replicated sound effects and the excitement in the air was palpable. Perhaps the most hilarious part of the game was when Kok Pun used the 50-50 helpline and the audience saw Eddie using his pen tool to colour over the options. It was certainly high-tech! Unfortunately, despite ‘help’ from the audience, who were shouting themselves hoarse, Kok Pun lost at $1000 dollars! So the first person to walk away with a prize that night was ironically a west winger! =) After Kok Pun, the next person in the hot seat was Deshawn who managed to earn an impressive $100000 before relinquishing his claim to the hot seat. I am sure though, that everybody would agree that the most outstanding role of the night was played by our dear host, Eddie!

The first 4 contestants of the night

Kok Pun in the hot seat with a yell of victory!

Deshawn, our 2nd contestant in the hot seat with Eddie

After the buzz of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire came Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? The host of that game was Fang Ming, and the really adorable and precocious 5th graders of the night were Huimin, Ginny, Xinyun and Deborah. They all looked really adorable in geeky glasses and pigtails!

Huimin getting ready to morph into a 5th grader! Look how cute she is!!

The four adorable 5th graders, clamouring to be picked!

And the first contestant of the night who thought he might be smarter than a 5th grader was Jason! He picked Huimin to be his 5th grader and the game started. Unfortunately, the first question that he chose was too difficult for both his 5th grader and himself but he managed to save himself! After making a switch of 5th grader to Deborah, he resumed but soon flunked out! It’s ok Jason, we believe you’re smarter than a 5th grader…we think!

Jason with his 5th grader Huimin

The next person to pit himself against the intelligence of the 5th graders was none other than Qing Song. He chose Xinyun as his 5th grader and he was off! The highlight of his round was when he was asked what the highest point in Singapore is. He decided to peek at Xinyun’s answer and she wrote Bukit Timah NATURE RESERVE park. Qing Song, however, wisely decided on Bukit Timah hill. As he answered question after question, with plenty of help from the audience I must add, it seemed that he was indeed smarter than a 5th grader. But he, sadly, flunked out sooner rather than later! Perhaps this proves that despite being in university, we are still not necessarilysmarter than 5th graders!

Qing Song and his 5th grader, Xinyun – was she at this moment hoping that her answer Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park was the right answer??

After being hit with 2 intellectual games, the audience were more than ready for a break and it came in the form of Don’t Forget The Lyrics East Wing version! The East Wing version was played with 4 groups of contestants instead of individually. The contestants were Huimin and Sherry, Terence and Lin Hui, KP (again!) and Huining and Jerwin and Nicholas! It was hilarious watching the contestants trying to guess the lyrics to the songs and beat each other to first belting out the songs they were hearing!

The eight contestants – note the look of concentration on Huimin’s face as she attempted to guess the song!

The songs included popular tunes like Hit Me Baby One More Time, Heal The World, Poker Face, Wannabe and Love Story. There were also familiar and nostalgic tunes like Spongebob Squarepants, Captain Planet, Hakuna Matata and the KEVII song! Every pair had two chances to use their superpowers which could either be chipmunk singing, multiple choice or jumbled up words. Therefore it was entirely up to the luck of the contestants! Everybody, contestants and audience alike, were trying their best to guess the songs! Our beloved Huimin was so excited she was screaming, ‘ ME, ME I KNOW’ to the amusement of everyone. As the game progressed, it became clear that all the teams were evenly matched. Huimin and Sherry got Heal The World and Hit Me Baby One More Time, KP and Hui Ning got the KEVII song and Spongebob, Jerwin and Nick got Captain Planet and Hakuna Matata and Lin Hui and Terence got Love Story and Poker Face. That made the scores 2 all for all the teams, and it was down to the last question which turned out to be a video! The video was the infamous version of ‘Touch My Body’ by a Korean guy! The contestants had to guess what did ‘rape me in my thighs, uh around me way’ actually mean! And Nicholas beat the rest to it and won the game!

Paul and Qing Liang, the hosts encouraging the contestants!

Jerwin and Nicholas, the winners of the game!

All in all, East Wing Supper was a resounding success with plenty of fun, laughter and good food all around and of course no lack of entertaining games! The night indeed ended on a high note with satisfied bellies and good,clean fun! Great job, East Wing! =)


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  1. March 25, 2010 at 12:26 AM

    lol technically i didn’t have the fastest finger. the 2 guys before me gave chance!

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