West Wing Supper

Writer: Garrick Liw

Photos: Sherry Lim

It was truly a fun-filled (and stomach-filling) Journey to the West on Tuesday night as the KEVII West-wingers gathered at the BBQ pit for the West Wing Supper! A variety of sumptuous (and well-anticipated!) dishes was prepared by the E, F and GH Block Committees. Master chefs from these various Block Committees whipped out delights such as pizza, omelettes, Cheese Fries, Pasta, sausage with baked beans, fruit salad and many more! Among the most popular (and fastest to disappear!) items was the ice cream though. That said, everyone seemed to have managed to obtain and enjoy large portions of the dishes prepared.

West Wing Supper!

At approximately 9.30 pm, the RFs: Prof Wong from E Block, Dr Seow from F Block and Mr. Jenson from GH Block arrived and that’s when the MCs for the event, Lionel and Chun Zhi started the games proper! Lionel explained that in the Chinese novel of Journey to the West, there are 3 main characters: Sun Wukong (the Monkey), Zhu Ba Jie (the Pig) and Sandy (the Monk). The first game was to pick a person from each block and dress him/her up as one of the aforementioned characters using newspaper and raffia string. From E Block, Reuben was “chosen” to be dressed up as Sandy; Guan Long from F Block was quickly surrounded by a large group of F-blockers eager to dress him up as the Pig, and Arjun from GH block was more than ready to be dressed up as the Monkey, as could be seen when he removed his shirt without much ado at all.

Our Friendly Neighbourhood Pig

All set for their journey to the west

Reuben soon had his head wrapped up with newspaper in order “to be bald”, as someone was heard shouting. Guan Long had his entire face covered with a huge snout that the girls prepared for him. The eager Arjun somehow ended up look extremely reminiscent of a character from Tarzan with his straw skirt. Within 10 minutes, all 3 were dressed up, and told to perform a task: convince their respective RFs to try a deceivingly disgusting dish (that was actually the dessert). The winning block of this game was later decided by the volume of cheers presented by each block. The final results were GH block 1st, F block 2nd, and E block 3rd.

The next game comprised having 10 people from each block construct the longest chain they could out of any items they had on hand. They were not allowed to remove their clothing or use newspapers or raffia strings in the previous game. Everyone participated exuberantly in this game, and soon all matter of shoes were removed, then the shoelaces, followed by lanyards, belts, watches, bags, files, worksheets…everything was just all spread across the BBQ area. Eager to win this game again, GH had the very bewildered Patrick and Wan Lee (who had just arrived at KE) surrender their bags to them. They were willing, but their items were unfortunately rejected as only 10 people from each block were allowed to participate. On top of that, the 10 people had to lie down on the floor to contribute to the length of the chain! Yes! Yoga skills (and heights haha) were put to the test as they stretched themselves to the max!

LONG lines...

When height is necessary...it's good to have Arjun haha!

The final game involved – inevitably – water bombs! The objective was to pass 10 water bombs from the starting to end point using only the line members’ t-shirts. The first block that passed 10 intact water bombs to the end were allowed to throw them at the rest of the blocks. Once the game started, the E blockers were quick to grasp the concept of quantity over quality, and passed at least 4 waterbombs at a time while the rest passed theirs one by one. As a result, E block was the first to complete their task, and wasted no time throwing their water bombs at the F and GH blockers. It suddenly turned chaotic as everyone just started grabbing any water bomb they saw and attacked any and every one! Unfortunately (or fortunately), there was a limit to the amount of water bombs prepared so the attack was soon under control. But not before everyone had their share of fun, though. Zhou Shuo amongst them, when he suddenly mounted a sudden water bomb attack upon Chun Zhi, leaving him drenched from the waist down.

Passing water balloons

And so the madness begins!

There was no doubt that everyone was in high spirits and had a great time! Thank you so much to the West Wing Block Committees for planning such a wonderful supper, and giving us such a memorable Journey to the West!


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