DnD pageant contestants (II) – Andy and Jerusha from F

Writer: Adriel Leong
Editor: Stephanie Kho

Presenting to you Andy!


Why that course?
Kinda have some passion in biology and engineering. And that’s the only course that uniquely combines the two.

Pre-University Life?
I was studying in Malaysia’s Chinese Independent school. After that I spent part of 2009 working as a temporary primary school teacher until the end of July. I’ve lived a colorful study-free life. Haha..

He cannot live without?
Music! (need a decent audio system). And my laptop of course, with its gadgets.

You can find him in
his room… Most of the time =.=

Why he thinks he should be in this contest…
Well. To let everyone know what’s a REAL F-blocker like! F Block FTW~

What he likes most about being in this contest…
Hm.. Fooling around with pretty ladies and dancing with hotties.. why not? Haha..

His wildest and naughtiest trip down the memory lane is…
Stripping on stage during ICN  o.O

About the model in him…
Smokin hot sometimes, icy cool otherwise.

How he handles female attention…
Yo baby. Are you staring at me? :P

Campus life…
Hm.. Kinda hectic.. I don’t really enjoy the studying part.. but for Hall life part.. Yea it rocks!

His body…
My body? Roar~~~…

His wildest dream…
Go round the world, become a billionaire blah blah blah.. no that’s nothing.. I wanted to be a real magician.. a single click of fingers and the hottest girl will come after me.. haha.. *slap* day dreaming..

If he was magically transported to the 70’s, he would…
Go and look for my Mum and Dad! And join their wedding.. Hohoho.. Hey Dad! Finally I can see Mummy marrying you!

If he had the choice of magically transporting someone from the 70’s, it would be
Joy Harmon. She’s hot!

and Jerusha!

Physics, the cool science~!

Why that course?
Cause Chemistry is too abstract and Biology is too theoretical. :p

Pre-University Life?
What life? Haha kidding. My Pre-U class consisted of the most sporting, enthu, and united bunch of classmates anyone could ever have. My Pre- days were spent serving them as a class representative. Loved it.

She cannot live without?
Movies! :p And music, I can’t live without music :).

You can find her at
the gardens or parks, trying to gain the affection of other people’s pet dogs!

Why she thinks she should be in this contest.
Good question, she often wonders why too!

What she likes most about being in this contest.
Becoming the Barbie of very fun people during dress up, and pretending to be a model during photoshoot! Hehehe

Her wildest and naughtiest trip down the memory lane
Was recent. I made my FHD casual date panic for flying the kite on me…A friend called him to tell him I cried, another told him “it’s true!”, and then we put him on loud speakers and try hard not to laugh out loud. Poor guy… :P

About the model in her
I’m a natural, I know. Haha

How she handles male attention
I’ll make him be honest with me, and then be I’ll be honest with him. It may sound harsh, but playing tug-of -war is far more damaging on the friendship.

Her Campus Life is spent
either dreaming or day dreaming.

Her body moves
to music ;)

Her wildest dream is
to marry a gentleman, and then go with him to some remote part of the world, learn the language of the people there and tell them about my greatest love and passion—my God :).

If she was magically transported to the 70’s,
she would cry because there will be no MSN or facebook, or cool cell phones!

If she had the choice of magically transporting someone from the 70’s,
it would be no one! I don’t want to give the poor person a heart attack.


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