Open House

Writer: Loraine Ong

Photos: Cao Ying

The NUS Open House 2010 held on13th and 14th March 2010 seemed to aim to cater not only to prospective students but to undergrads living in hall as well. Why, one might ask? There was a food bazaar, and this was what appealed to me most of all, as I did not have to go to PGP for my Saturday lunch meal! It was indeed fortunate that they did not restrict customers to only the prospective students like the goodie bags were. Despite this, I am after all a KE Press reporter, and I have my methods, managing to procure 2 very precious ones.

Right-o, now for a look inside them:

1st Item: Stress ball. Yes, indeed, it is to equip and prepare students for the tenuous life as a student here in NUS.
2nd item: Nugeno Man Cool samples. Guys, this will come in handy when your facial wash runs out suddenly.
3rd item: A plain single-lined ring-bound recycled-paper notebook from SingTel. Not bad. This came in handy and just in time for my early exam preps!
4th item: A $20 spectacle voucher from IGARD. Well, yes, of course, with the amount of reading and facing the computer we do here in NUS, this is definitely a necessity, whether it is so sooner or later.

5th item: Redmango (Authentic Frozen Yougurt) voucher. $0.50 off and 1-for-1 free topping. I tried the yogurt at the food bazaar. It’s one of the finest I have had so far. You really should try it out! Based on personal experience, do not get the small one, as it will not be enough for real satisfaction. Several sources commented that the fruit toppings are really good though.
6th item. “NUS Open House 2010- It’s more than just a school!” booklet, which runs from pages 1-54. I flipped through it, looks interesting! I will look through it in more detail after I finish this article…
7th item:  1-for-1 ice cream sundae voucher from Swensens. “I’m so going to Swensens” is their tag line. The main, and most important good news is that it is valid till 30 June 2010, well after the exam period!

The full list would take forever to list out here, and everything is pretty standard (pens, notebooks, etc.), so enough of the goodie bag for now.

Otherwise, KE7 made ourselves seen and heard during the Open House. The KE7 Band had an earlier performance at Rockfest at 2pm, and later performed here at MPSH Hall 5 at 3.30pm. They performed the popular Green Day song, 21 Guns and Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. They drew an eager crowd, who made themselves comfortable and sat down to hum and nod along to the songs.

The KE Band showcasing boundless energy, performing yet again after a show at YIH

KE7’s booth was nicely decorated with pictures from various events as well as the artistically-designed and well-made Anchor from KENOVO, float 2009. Several KEVIIans were also there to mingle with the prospective students to get them interested to join our family. There was a good number present, i.e. just enough to make our presence known and noticed, but not too many so as to create an obstruction.

Our gorgeous and very red booth!

Admiring the miniature model of our float

The other halls had some interesting decorations too. Eusoff had their yellow hall t-shirts hung up; Raffles set up high tables and chairs for over-the-coffee talks;  Temasek had a white motorbike and something that seemed like a tyre, probably made for float; Sheares had orange balloons that were collectively strung together to make a huge, nice arc. Very prominent, I must say. As for Kent Ridge’s, the most outstanding object was a very prominent bed: Unique, and attention-grabbing. One can only guess at what it’s meant to symbolize. All in all, the halls did a good job livening up the atmosphere of Open House, giving a fun and relaxed feel.

Our JCRC Vice president turning on the charm to promote KE. XP

It was noted though, that the number of prospective students could certainly have been a lot more. Even the second level, which housed the booths of various courses, was only half full at any point in time during the afternoon peak hours. A plus point though was that I got to know more about the Second Life at NUS here, and this would certainly be interesting to prospective students. It would be fun to meet your friends in the NUS virtual world, and at the same time party virtually in the campus itself. Or if you do not feel like squeezing with the crowd onto the A1 or A2 buses, you can attend your tutorials at the virtual world. However, the bad news is that this only applies to computing student or CNM students.

Though it may be just another Open House of NUS, the various stalls at the food bazaar and booths put up by the halls really encapsulated everyone’s hard work in making the prospective students feel welcome. Everyone’s eagerly anticipating and ready to welcome the new batch of incoming freshies for sure!

Thanks for the great work, guys!

NUS Open House 09/10


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  1. 1 max
    March 19, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    can somebody plz fix up the kenovo model, or at least preserve it in a nice way… so that it wont look so ‘sick’ when presented to ppl…

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