interview with convening comm head – jk

Writer: Chua Jia Ni
Photos: Deborah Wong
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

Although the Inter-Hall games ended 1 month ago, we should not forget who made the whole event possible – the Convening Committee which was headed by KE VII this year! They were the ones who worked tirelessly behind the scenes so that the whole event could progress smoothly and were always the first to reach the game venues, but the last to leave. We had a chat with the Convening Committee Head, Jun Kiat (JK) for some insights about the committee and what went on behind the scenes!


Congratulations on the smooth-running Inter-hall games 09/10! What are your thoughts on the whole experience?

The entire experience was a bittersweet one, but enriching on the whole.

The question on most minds – why did you take up the tough job of being the chairperson of the Convening Committee?

I didn’t actually volunteer to be the Chairperson of the Convening Committee. It was the previous JCRC Sports Secretary – Musa who actually “tricked” me into taking up the job. He told me that he had to choose someone to take up the job before he can leave for internship, and he assured me that he would assist me throughout the project.

Being the chairperson of the Convening Committee, could you share with us what you did to make sure things ran smoothly?

Most of the time it was just ‘eyepower’, as my committee members would call it. With the system in place, all I have to do is make sure everyone perform their allocated roles and offer my help whenever needed. Other than that, I also try my best to keep the morale of the whole team high as it is not easy to stay motivated to the cause, especially when all of us have to juggle both studies and IHG duties at the same time.

Could you introduce us the rest of the main committee members?

Oh sure, here you go:

Vice-Chairperson (Jerusha Lieow)
Vice-Chairperson (Sharlyn Ng)
Secretary (Xing Ying)
Treasurer (Jia Ni)
Schedule Head (Si Ying)
Logistic Head (Patrick Er)
Publicity Head (Garrick)
Events Co-Head (Hao Zhao)
Events Co-Head (Xu Cong)

jk with his vice-heads, sharlyn and jerusha

Do you have any interesting experiences to share about the planning process? Or any special memory?

The recruitment drive was hugely successful and we had to reject some of the applicants. After some serious considerations and discussion, we decided to increase our committee size by 200%. It was a good decision made, as we eventually realized the dire need for manpower as the event proceeded.

Can you share with us the toughest challenge you had to face in organizing such a big event?

The toughest challenge was probably having to stay positive constantly and being a source of motivation to my team.

Mind sharing with us one of the things you have gained / learned from being the chairperson of the Convening Committee?

Being firm with the decisions I made.

Could you describe to us a typical IHG-day?

Alright, a typical IHG-day goes like this:

1. Check that the logistics/safety vehicle has sufficient petrol to last for the day.
2. Respective Liaison Officers will load up their logistics into the vehicle and get onboard.
3.They will then be dispatched to their respective game venues.
4. The registration booths will be set up within 15minutes of arrival at the venue while the game managers will set up the playing area
5. The playing teams will get registered via the online system to double check that they are hall residents and do not violate the IVP cap.
6. At the end of the games, the scores will be noted and Garrick, the publicity head, will post it on the IHG Website
7. The Liaison Officers and Game Managers will pack up and wait for the vehicle to drive them back
8. Back at KEVII, they will arrange the equipment neatly in Meeting Room 1.
9. Finally, the logistic and schedule head will plan for the next three days and contact the respective teams … and that’s your typical IHG-Day.

hard work makes people hungry

Last but not least, do you have anything to say to fellow KEVIIans?

You may not get to join Convening Committee again as I have always said, “It only happens once every six years”, but if you ever get a chance to, do not hesitate.

And…..a BIG “Thank You” to my convenors!

convening committee 09/10!


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