Formal Hall Dinner (Semester 2)

Writer: Chua Jia Ni

This semester’s Formal Hall Dinner (FHD) was, rather aptly, themed ‘Colours’. To a freshie like me, it was very different from the one in Semester 1. The most obvious difference was that no dates were required of attendees and the other was free-seating throughout the dining hall!

When I reached the dining hall, I could already see people gathering in specific clusters. One of the most prominent ones was the XQRJ committee, donning their black production tee. According to a member, it is a tradition for them to gather during FHD dressed in their production tees. Other clusters were mainly each block’s committee, or CCA committees.

The whole event started around 7.45pm proper with the welcoming of Hall Master, SCRC, JCRC and the guest professor. Hall Master Prof. Ho Yew Kee gave a speech highlighting KE’s achievements over the past few months, including Best Float for Rag 09/10, (IHG) Tennis females’ 2nd placing, Road Relay 3rd place, Track 3rd place, Hall Play and Chinese Drama having a full-house for both shows as well as Xin Yao producing their new album. Prof. Ho also expressed his gratitude to the various committees who put in so much effort for our hall – XQRJ, Hall Play, Chinese Drama and the Convening Committee to name a few. Upon conclusion of his speech, everyone was ecstatic to hear the start of dinner declared!

The line-up of programmes was as colourful as the theme suggested. First, we had the KE Choir bringing us 2 beautifully sung songs, then the KE band rocking their way through with numbers such as ‘Everyone’s Changing’ and ‘Drops of Jupiter’. Yufang also charmed the audience with her song ‘Sunday Morning’. Next up, there was a mini-scavenger hunt event, in which the audience was to gather a whole list of white-coloured items (which includes socks, t-shirts, spectacles, e.t.c.). Moreover, to complete the hunt, they had to get a white item from our JCRC President Qing Song. It was not immediately apparent to me what was the fate of our dear JCRC President, but one can only imagine what our competitive KEVIIans might have done to him in order to get said item! Some block committees wasted no time in gathering the items, and stood by in anticipation to find out what the prize would be – only to find out that the (highly unusual) prize was to eb a handshake with our Hall Master, which was obtained amidst gales of laughter from the audience. The last item of entertainment for the night was brought to us by A Capella, who charmed the audience with their own creative rendition of KE’s Hall song.

The KEVIIans were treated to a delectable spread of food which I felt was a marked improvement from the previous FHD! First up was a cold dish with fried wanton, prawns, fish cake and bak kwa (seriously nice!). Then we had a soup with fish maw, broccoli and tofu, prawns with cereal, steamed fish (another great dish!), herbal chicken and lastly, a unique desert, which was a mix of mango, strawberry and pomelo. Everyone I sat with gave thumbs up to all the dishes served, but even more telling was the full and contented looks on their faces after one hour of feasting!

FHD lasted till about 9pm, after which some stayed back to take pictures with one another while others hung around to chat with their friends. As far as KEVIIan gatherings (and de-stressings!) go, one can never go wrong with FHD. Our thanks to the Welfare Committee for bringing us such a wonderful night.


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