GH Block Supper – Chinese New Year Special

Writer: Chua Jia Ni
Photos by: Ong Siying

Like any GH block supper, the block committee made sure everyone got the message – block supper on Wednesday! They plastered Chinese New Year-themed posters all around GH blocks, perpetually reminding the GH blockers of the supper event every day.

When the clock struck 9.00pm, the blockers could hear Yu Wei’s call to announce the start of the supper. However, most GH blockers came right up to the G-Spot before 9.00pm! Accompanying Yu Wei’s shouts, Chinese-themed songs (courtesy of Deborah) were blasted from the G-Spot to put the atmosphere in place. One of the more hilarious song that was played was the Chinese New Year Song sung in the tune of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’.

 The block committee provided a generous spread – drinks, yusheng, steamboat and sweets! Every GH blocker was presented with a hong bao filled with sweets associated with Chinese New Year. Golden foil wrapped chocolates and pineapple-flavoured sweets, all reminiscent of the festive occasion.

happy to receive ang pows (even if it's chocolate that's inside, and not cash :P)

 The main dish of the event was a mini-steamboat filled with fishballs, meatballs and sausages – which the GH blockers wasted no time in immersing the food into the hotpot. The GH blockers were encouraged to “eat as much as they can”, given the sheer amount the block committee had bought to feed the 2 blocks!

 No Chinese New Year event is ever complete without yu sheng. The block committee presented the blockers 2 containers of yu sheng, ensuring that every blocker has the chance to participate in the activity – even for non-chinese! Before the blockers begun to ‘lao’ yu sheng, the block committee assured us that the yu sheng has real slices of fish and make sure not to drop any! Due to the sheer size of the blockers present, there were 3 waves of people who came forward to ‘lao’ the yu sheng, each deserving a snap shot from above the G-spot.  The block committee then briefly explained the significance of the ingredients in yu sheng to encourage every blocker present to eat and be blessed (in a way or another).


 The rest of the event was catered to allow the blockers to interact with one another, especially to the new blockers. Some GH blockers came together to play ‘zhong ji mi ma’, where the ‘loser’ would have to eat some fishballs and such from the hot pot. Things became very exciting when the range of numbers became small and the ‘loser’ being very apparent. The supper event ended with the reunion of blockers, feeling full and happy.


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