Interviews with IHG Captains: Squash (F)

Writer: Ginny

Editor: Pearly Neo

This is an interview with our IHG Squash Captain, Yuwei. Ever friendly, bubbly and cheerful, not even her operation-induced lack of mobility could keep her from cracking up this KE Press writer, and dishing out a fun interview!


How long have you been playing squash and what got you interested in it in the first place?

I have been playing for 4 years, but was never that zai (good). I was introduced to squash by my JC class guys who were all very into it and they kept making digs at the girls about our low standard of squash, so my friend and I decided to practise till we could trash them but that never came true. But, yup, that got me interested in squash.

How hectic are the practices these days?

IHG is over, so there are no longer any official trainings. However, some of the girls have expressed interest in continuing with training. So maybe once a week, just casual games with each other.

Tell us about your personal experiences in squash?

I started playing squash with my friend as mentioned earlier and she always played in the right court because her backhand was terrible and I would play in the left court. In the end my forehand got terrible (laughs)! There was once I hit a girl in the neck with the ball and subsequently developed a small phobia for squash but luckily the phobia didn’t last. Just for the record, she recovered and there was no lasting damage.

What is it about squash that drives you to train for it and to continually improve your game?

Well I guess, it’s because there are always people who are willing to play with me.  As long as I have a partner I don’t mind playing. So in a way, that helps to train myself, but my standards have dropped because I haven’t played in quite some time. Of course the pressure and enthusiasm to win IHG helps too (grins).

Her leg may be less than mobile, but her ability to cheer certainly isn't!

Apart from being the squash captain, you are also the vice head of block GH, so tell us, how do you balance your commitments between hall activities and school?

Arts is quite slack so there aren’t much problems with regards to school work. I like squash so I don’t mind being the captain and training for it, I guess. So basically, I think that as long as you have the interest or passion for the things you do, you will definitely find a way to handle it all.

What do you think of the performance of the female squash team this year?

This year, honestly due to pressure to win, I put mostly seniors in the main team of 5. The juniors who were super enthusiastic didn’t really have a chance to play. I feel very bad about it, honestly. The girls had a great chance of going through the semis actually but sadly, my line-up screwed up. I’m sorry about that too but they did put up a very great fight, especially the newcomer Deborah! The other girls did well in showing their support for the main team too. Spirit=100%

You recently went for an operation on your knee and as a result was not able to play for IHG, what are your feelings on that?

A little sad, of course, but in some way relieved because I am seriously not that good (don’t be humble yuwei!). Haha.. so I guess I was rather lucky that I didn’t need to get trashed in that sense. Haha.

Being from AB block, I have many fellow blockers on the squash team and I’ve noticed that they’re all very committed to training. Could you tell us what is it that sparks their passion?

You’d have to ask them that, actually. Haha. But I guess  my trainings are quite fun? Haha. I certainly hope so!

Showing up at every match, even on crutches, to show her undying support as captain!

Thanks so much for your time, Yuwei, and we hope you get back to being fit as a fiddle soon enough!


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