gh last supper!

Writer: Adriel Leong
Photos: JK
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

It was 9.10pm, on a Wednesday evening, the author was walking towards the tennis courts when he heard the loud exclamations of ”SUPPER SUPPER!!”, resounding from the corridors of the G and H blocks. When voice power failed to draw the residents out, the block committee then unleashed a microphone, and one by one, we saw the residents trooping towards the ‘G-Spot’ on G4, just like ants crawling towards sugar. Within minutes, lyrics of ‘And gives you hell, gives you hell, gives you hell’ by the All American Rejects was playing in the background, and we knew that a supper, the last supper of the Semester for GH Block, was getting started.
Upon reaching the G Spot, I was greeted by numerous members of the GH Block Committee, dressed in White T-shirts, with a bow tie and a moustache, looking rather cutely similar to those of the Monopoly Man, tying in perfectly with the theme of the night as ‘GH Monopoly, Supper edition’, complete with a black board which made ‘G-spot’ at that moment seem like Minds Café.


the gh block committee!

Desmond Kwan, the MC for the night, soon got the ball rolling, by inviting the blockers to feast on the delicious and savoury chocolate fondue, vanilla ice cream and brownies, and pasta (which the author also had the chance to partake, due to the generosity of the GH block committee), which was quickly tackled and flying off the table in fast responses.


bustling with activity

Soon, it was time for the highlight of the evening: the monopoly game itself! The rules were simple, as with the Macdonalds monopoly format, the residents had to collect game labels, which could be sorted to 3 different categories. The first were property labels, of which 8 unique ones were to be collected – the top prize of a $50 being awarded to the first resident/team that collected all different labels. The second were instant win prizes, of which 10 different varieties were up for grabs which included extremely attractive prizes such as ‘Hot Stuff’ (MacDonalds Garlic Chilli Sauce) and the mysterious ‘PAD’ (which rather than the PAD we were all thinking, turned out to be a Memo Pad instead) and lastly ‘thank you for participating’ labels. Of course, as with all games, strategy could also be applied to this game, and the blockers could group together and pool their labels together, to form the desired 8 combination, whilst similarly fostering cohesion amongst the blockers. Here are some of the labels!



scrambling to gather all the labels

After approximately 20 minutes of frantic alliances and backstabings, which could rival those of Survivor, it was ultimately down to 2 camps, who could claim the ultimate prize, Ding Wen vs. Ek Theng! Both had collected all different 8 labels, and had to undergo a tie breaker to settle the conflict. JK, the block head, had decided that whichever camp had collected the most Hello Panda labels, a bonus label, would be declared the winner of the GH Monopoly challenge!
After an eventful 5 minutes which truly brought out the best and worst in human nature, along with a lot of other backstabbing and alliances, Jiani (a new alliance leader), had finally won the challenge, by producing 7 Hello Panda stickers, compared to Ding Wen’s count of 0. It was later revealed that Wan Lee, had also collected a rather substantial amount of Hello Panda stickers, and could have merged with Ding Wen, to claim the ULTIMATE PRIZE, but unfortunately chose not to do so – further escaberting the already present rivalry brewing between G3 and G4 blockers.

the winners of the night!

winners of the night!

Finally, it was time to call it a night!  With the conclusion of the prize giving, numerous smiles and Thank Yous were exchanged, and it was certainly an effect to wash away the exam blues! Kudos to the GH block committee for such a job well done! 




1 Response to “gh last supper!”

  1. November 17, 2009 at 1:01 AM

    complete photos and labels upload here!
    gd luck to everyone for their finals!

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