ET – Entertainment in Toilets today

Writer: Loraine Ong
Editor: Benjamin Lim

Do you need an entertainment break from studying too much and too hard lately? Or are you bored of the old, rustic look of KEVII and want something more? You can now enjoy that at a toilet near you! In the guys’ D2 toilet, you can choose to enter the world of “Harry Potter”, or “Star Whores”, just by reading the make-believes. Some stories even bring the interested reader into an entirely different time period; like one of “Jackula”…

AimThe writer personally witnessed this different ‘world’ at the seventh Jackula hour (10pm) on 6th November, 2009. It took her breath away, partly because of the intrigue at what some D1 and D2 guys had penned down on a stolen poster from a library, and partly due to the stench of urine from the cubicle.

Isn’t it very creative of the guys to kill 2 birds with one stone when they go to the toilet? They can both relieve themselves and add some entertainment to their lives. If you doubt the hilarity of this storyboard, the writer can personally vouch that she had a really good laugh after reading it. The plain poster that reminds the “Gentlemen” of D block (there is only one toilet for the men in this block) to aim properly into the toilet bowl was very capably converted into an anthology of stories!

For those of you interested to find out more, do be advised that the board is very explicit and may offend the more conservative people out there.

BloodAnother noteworthy lavatory display device, henceforth called LDD, came from the C2 female toilet. The person who made this handwritten, hand-drawn notice must have had a personal vendetta against foreign bodily fluids. Look at the number of angry faces she drew!

The West Wing also has interesting LDDs..

Toilet ThotsHave a look at the above, taken from the F2 guys’ toilet. Though I imagine the more literarily inclined readers would have quite a lot to comment about the literary ability of the humble toilet bowl, one must applaud the absolute civility of our longsuffering friend, considering the treatment he receives.

InstructionsThis LDD seems to suggest that guys in GH are shorter than they think, though it is not clear which length this is referring to =p. However, the writer is quite certain this has to do with physical stature =).

Remember, the next time you feel bored and need some entertainment, feel free to take a leak at these toilets. You will be as entertained as your bladder will be relieved.


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