cd dessert night!

Writer: Ashish
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

CD Dessert Night took place on a cool, Tuesday night, kicking off at 10pm. Many CD blockers came down, all dressed in their new CD block shirts for this year. Amidst the sea of yellow, you could just make out the colourful sweets that the block committee had provided the gathering with. Leaving no effort wanting, the block committee presented an extravagant menu for all to indulge in. The premiun selection for the evening included the following palatable items; soursop drink, chocolate cream puffs, jelly, Sara Lee cheesecake, raspberry cakes and ice cream! However, the star dishes of the night were undisputedbly Jordan’s “extra creamy” salad and banana with melted chocolate.




more food!

These last 2 dishes, though popular, required a lot of effort from the block committee. It took over an hour for Jordan just to make his special salad.! Even though I pestered the chef for details regarding his recipe, he would not budge. In the end, the only info I managed to dig out was that the salad is a mixture of fruits cocktail, peaches, nata de coco, grapes, banana and coconut with cream.

The story behind the banana topped with chocolate is also quite interesting. According to a reliable source, the guys first attempted to melt the chocolate but unfortunately, they used a wrong method to melt it and the chocolate actually turned lumpy! :( The chocolate seemed destined for the dustbin when Nicholas, the vice block head, wanted to throw it away, thinking that it was spoilt. However, by a miraculous stroke of luck (or rather, due to the greedy taste buds of some), the chocolate was saved from the dustbin when some of the cooks tasted it and actually liked it! I guess CD blockers can only thank their lucky stars as had the dish been thrown away, a great culinary experience would have been denied to all!!

ice cream murder!

ice cream murder!


past and present block heads

The event culminated at 11pm, with all blockers having satisfied the sweet tooth in them. It was a refreshing experience seeing so many blockers turn up to de-stress and hang out with fellow blockers. Thank you CD block committee for such a wonderful evening!


cd block!



2 Responses to “cd dessert night!”

  1. November 6, 2009 at 4:28 PM

    looks like a high carb supper =P

  2. 2 steph
    November 7, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    haha…it was nice tho! i <3 the seedless grapes!!! =) thanks to CD blk comm!

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