NUS Student Achievement Award Ceremony 2009

Written by: Adrian Chia

Photos by: Adrian Chia

Congratulations to the 11th Xing Qing Rong Ji (XQRJ) Organising Committee and the Rag & Flag Committee 2008/09 for winning the prestigious awards!


11th XQRJ


Aik Leong representing the Rag & Flag Committee

On 30th October 2009, the NUS Student Achievement Award Ceremony was held at the Heng Mui Keng Auditorium. An annual event aimed at giving recognition to exceptional individual students or student groups who have made noteworthy contributions to activities outside of their academic curriculum and brought honour to the University, it was certainly a glorious feat for KEVII Hall to be represented by the two committees above. XQRJ received the award under the Arts and Culture category – a recognition to their long-running accomplishments in bringing cultural and dynamic vibrancy to the University. On the other hand, the Rag & Flag Committee was honoured under the Community Projects’ category for its unwavering support of the NUSSU Rag & Flag.

At 4.45pm, a few XQRJ members, all very smartly dressed, were spotted outside the Main Lounge, eagerly waiting for their other colleagues to arrive. The mood was clearly a celebratory and cheerful one, as it was also their gathering after a long time since they last got together as a committee. When they reached the venue, it was already teeming with many student leaders, award winners and guests. After a rather long wait, the event finally got underway with the arrival of NUS President, Prof. Tan Chorh Chuan, who was the Guest of Honour. In his speech, Prof. Tan highlighted the importance of participating in co-curricular activities, which make one’s eduction much more holistic and complete. Several notable individuals who attained highly acclaimed prizes in international competitions were also given special mention.

The award presentation proceeded next and various student groups and individuals took turns to receive their awards from the President. It was definitely a jubilant moment for the award recipients as the beaming smiles on their faces clearly showed their sense of accomplishment. What followed next certainly made everyone even happier, as they were treated to a buffet dinner! Over the food and drinks, many individuals also took the opportunity to network with one another. However, more importantly it was the perfect occasion to capture all the glam and glory in the form of photos!


Receiving the award from Prof. Tan


A shot with Hall Master



According to Aik Leong, “passion” and “dedication” were the two most important elements for a committee’s success. Be it Rag or Flag, “[when] it came down to the grind, the sweat and toil of every single member, who sacrificed their vacation to give their all to the cause, was the key factor in the success”. Similarly in XQRJ, their achievement would not have been possible without all the hard work put in. Once again, congratulations to the two committees and hopefully, KEVII Hall will continue to be represented in next year’s edition of the ceremony!


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