CD Halloween Night

Writer: Ng Sze Hwee
Photos: Zhang Jiyuan
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

It was a dark, hazy and serene night. Everything seemed exceptionally peaceful, seemingly serving as a prelude to the gloomy forecast for the night. What you are going to see is not for the faint-hearted definitely. Are you ready?

picture 2

Sadako pays a visit to CD

picture 3

Sadako and her friends

The creatures started their haunting at around 8.30pm, creeping along the corridors of CD, knocking on blockers’ doors and scaring the wits out of unsuspecting blockers who opened the door. Toilet-goers were not spared either. The monsters hid outside the toilets, pouncing on exiting toilet-goers. Well, luckily the victims had already relieved themselves. Otherwise, I guess the uncle will have a hard time cleaning up the results of uncontrolled bladder action the following day. The responses were varied and priceless—Some were so scared that they slammed the door after giving a high-pitched “Ahhhhh”; some stoned while looking at the enthusiastic monsters, while some laughed with them. The scaring continued as the block committee members went randomly down CD block to look for more potential victims.

As the clock struck 10pm, another scream was heard. “HALLOWEEN… CD Halloween!!!!” It was a call for the blockers to go down to the lounge for supper.

The lounge was intricately decorated with dangling bats and spooky music filled the room, creating the perfect eerie atmosphere. When everyone had arrived, the night started with the first game: ”The Word Search Puzzle” . Blockers were split into different groups and competed to complete the search for 20 over words in a pile of jumbled up words and letters. I must admit this was one of the hardest word search puzzles I had ever come across. However, with our unwavering determination and strong team work, my team emerged champion! And, we won 2 puppets!

picture 4

CD blockers engrossed in the word search

Picture 5 (photo by Jiyuan)

Sweet victory!

Next up, we had some food. However, the amount of food was unusually little this time round. As we were wondering why there was so little food, Terence announced the start of the next game: “The Bid For Food”. All of us were divided into 2 teams (A and B), with ) and had to bid for 7 items with the “Halloween bills” ($100 each) pasted on our doors. Team A, having brought down all their “Halloween bills”, naturally had more spending power. The 7 items were unknown to us but a clue was given as to what they could be. The identity of the item was only revealed after the bid was final and the catch was: the team who won the bid had to FINISH ALL the food, regardless of what the food was or how bad (or good) it  tasted. And here’s the menu for the night…

Item 1: Dragon’s poo. Something sweet.

Final bid: $200

Winning team: Team A

What it was: Cupcakes with M&M’s chocolate! Yummy!

picture 6

Dragon's Poo!

Item 2: Vampire’s blood

Final bid: $200

Winning team: Team B

What it was: Tomato juice

picture 7

Team B sharing the Vampire's Blood

Item 3: Rancid goo

Final bid: $700 (Note: this made team B even poorer)

Winning team: Team B

What it was: Super sour Jelly! (haha! )

Cringing face

Cringing face

Item 4: Old scream

Final bid: $1000

Winning team: Team A

What it was: Oreo with the creamy side-up, topped with M&Ms.

Item 5: Blue balls

Final bid $400

Winning team: Team A

What it was: Blue fishballs.

Juicy fishballs

Blue balls

Item 6: Devil’s fruit

Final bid: $200

Winning team: Team A

What it was: Dragon fruit with wasabi (yucky hot…)

Item 7: Witch’s potion

Final bid: $1200

Winning team: Team A (the richer group! Team B lost as they had no more money!)

What it wa: GINGER BEER. Cheers to our victory!

All in all, it was a memorable Halloween party especially as one bottle of ginger beer ‘exploded’, ending the night with a ‘Boomz’. Happy Halloween! :D


2 Responses to “CD Halloween Night”

  1. 1 Terence
    October 31, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    not to forget Hui Min’s ultrasonic shriek when she got scared by me =D

  2. October 31, 2009 at 8:13 PM

    OMg.. ultrasonic shriek.. so there must be some shattered windows la? =P

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