f block halloween supper

Writer: Jonathan Chan
Photos: Kelvin Anggara & Lee Khar Suan

KE Press: “So Cun Zhi, tell KE Press why you organized this event?”

Cun Zhi: “Uh. To enrich the life of F-blockers”

This simple answer from one of F-block’s most well known Block Committee members, in charge of this project, belied the effort and energy put into the production of F-block’s Halloween Supper, as the Monday night event once again allowed the F-blockers to interact and have fun.

On that night, I was studying half-heartedly and keeping an ear out for the sounds which would indicate the start of F-block’s Halloween Supper. Two doors down, Adrian must have been keeping a similar vigil, because we heard a clang and a few crashing noises from the balcony, thought it was some special sound effects that the Block Comm had come up with for the occasion, and so rushed down to the F3 rooftop only to discover preparations were still underway during which someone had dropped a heavy metallic object. An anti-climax to be sure, but it underlined the motor reflex which connects the typical KEVIIan’s stomach and legs.

Sure enough, 20 minutes later, the familiar yells of “F-BLOCK SUUUUUUPPERRRRRR” floated through the night air as Hazel, Mae Yue and company performed their usual laryngeal calisthenics. I pulled on my “Blue Blood” F-block shirt and headed back down the stairs.

A figure with a ghostly white face met me on the F4 fire escape. I blinked at the apparition before the ponytail which flicked around its shoulders identified itself as Jeana who was heading to the pantry. I looked over the railing and watched in slight incredulity at the sight of artificial cobwebs trailing down to the balcony, where numerous white-faced F-block comm members were gathered. The night air was filled with howls, moans and other other-wordly noises as Khar Suan’s laptop and the tracks it contained did its own bit to build up the atmosphere. Hui Shan bounded around, brandishing a paintbrush with white face paint. “Jon Chan! Want paint? MARK! You have no paint! COME HERE!”


Hui Shan wielding her paintbrush


F-blockers enjoying supper


Andy displays a creative design on his face

KE Press: “Tell me something interesting about the supper?”

Cun Zhi: “We had a lot of fun with the face paint. Everyone took turns to draw on each other’s faces, and everyone managed to express their creative side for once. The Halloween games also lah. Some people were made to drink some sick stuff”

The game in question was a modification of the traditional trick or treat. Led by a ghostly and rather vindictive Mae Yue, brave F-blockers stepped up to draw a coupon from a box which would either allow them to gain a free piece of pizza (albeit with painted faces), or drink the afore-mentioned “sick stuff”, itself a mixture of blended carrots, tomatoes and celery. And one by one they did, to the yells and cheers of the watching crowd.


Ching Tze preparing the "sick stuff"

And of course, there was food! Chicken nuggets, sticks of fruit, noodles, the usual potato chips and a fizzy F-block love potion were all up for grabs. The blue-clad F-blockers quickly swept through the line of food, happily eating and talking.

Chin Ee: We also had fun making the watermelon

Cun Zhi: Yea we made a Jack-o-watermelon

Mae Yue: Though one committed suicide



Of course, the more intricate decorations had to be acknowledged too. A lovingly-carved pair of Jack-O-Watermelons were made by the block comm, though one took a jump off the balcony and ended up as a squishy red heap at the bottom of F-block. These were put to good use, as evidenced by the Block Comm member depicted below.


The supper wound down to a rousing toast from the massed F-blockers. As everyone let the fizzy juice wash down the food from the night, one had to admit that the night’s activity really fulfilled F-block’s reputation of Fun, Food, and most importantly, Family.

A toast to end the night

A toast to end the night

Happy F-blockers

Happy F-blockers


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