ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Sien Long

By: Wang Liansheng

Photos: Sien Long

It was euphoria for all when the KE Float was awarded “Best Rag Performance” and “Most Environmentally-Friendly Float”. The entire hall was absolutely beaming with pride over such awesome accolades – something we had desired for so long, and finally achieved this year. Months after the hard work, KE Press now turns to the heroes behind the scenes to hear their secrets to success, and find out all the juicy gossip they have to share. For this article, we have Sien Long, from the RAG team.

Thumbs up for KEVII! Sien Long is first from the left.

Thumbs up for KEVII! Sien Long is first from the left.

Q: For our audience, introduce yourself briefly!

A: Hello, the name’s Sien Long, a typical year 2 Food Science & Technology (FST) student who enjoys eating, playing but not mugging =) On top of that, this insomniac loves running, music, milk, and good food. And one thing I’d want to clarify that is its Sien Long and not Hsien Loong, they might sound the same but totally different persons.

Q: So what was the special, critical role you took on in Float?

A: I was the production manager (PM) of this year’s KEVII Float – KEnovo. I believe the “critical” role in float is not mine but those of each and every KEnovo floater that formed this incredible team, but I do admit that the PM is a special role because you are one of the only 2 who can get the kick of directing the float lorry during Rag Day itself =D

Q: Share with us what you thought was the most outstanding part of Float this year.

A: The most amazing part of this year’s float is basically the tremendous effort of the people behind KEnovo who made this happen. Whether it is ROCKE or the new blood of KEVIIans this year, I would like to thank every form of support you all have given.

Apart from that, I want to give a thumbs up to all KEnovo floaters. We walked out of our comfort zone this year and went all the way with such a daring and impossible float design. We’ve been through times when all the odds were against us, from a lag of 2 weeks behind production schedule to even lorry battery failure. I still remember this quote of a senior, “everyday in the morning when I enter the tentage, I see a different float”. I’ve seen my team conjure up countless miracles which brought us back on schedule especially the construction of Willy himself during the final few weeks of production.

Introducing the workers behind the scenes

Introducing the workers behind the scenes

Q: Time to confess, what was the most unforgettable snippet of event that happened during Rag? Any person left an indelible mark in your life? =)

A: The most unforgettable moment for me and every single KEnovo floater is when we marched our float gloriously into SRC on mounting night with our KE Chant deafening all the other Halls and Faculties. I believe those who were present on mounting night itself will definitely remember that moment for a lifetime.

P.S. : And the number of McD Deliverys we had =p

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer those interested to take on the time-consuming yet extremely rewarding Float next year? Any suggestions for next year’s theme or design?

A: If you want it, go all the way! It is not just a time when you don’t have to worry about studies and commit fully to a hall CCA, not just the time that you are upfront on the battlefield for your hall, but also a time to enjoy and make many friends of a lifetime. ;) But always remember, dare to dream and don’t constrain yourself to the traditions of KE7, be bold in your design and carry on that “New Beginning” that KEnovo has brought ;)

Q: Was it tough juggling work and hall activities for you? How was it possible for you to overcome all these problems?

A: Not as tough as one could imagine, some activities towards the end of semester 2, but other than that all I had to manage was the home sickness throughout the holidays. Thanks to all the support of friends and family, I survived =D

Q: Describe the days of post-float – Is it all back to studies and no more fun?

A: Definitely NO =p Though everyone is back to the normal semester life, we still get together often for birthday celebrations and gossip around on the potential couples of KEnovo haha. But its still amazing when you walk around hall and realize that even after float, those comrades who went through all the hardship with you are still alive, kicking, and fighting on for our Hall.

Q: Lastly, what’s up for you in the days to come?

A: Studies… and my other family – XQRJ of course =)

“Float is not just an activity, It is a way of life!”

“Once a floater, always a floater!”

Sien Long

PM KEnovo

Indeed, Sien Long has provided rare insights not only on being the Production Manager of KEnovo, but also several very interesting snippets on being a resident in KEVII. Now, who’s up for the job next year?


2 Responses to “ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Sien Long”

  1. 2 ken juin
    December 2, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    That was a moment to remember, the KE chant that thundered down the SRC tracks in early hours that morning with keviians walking alongside the float..

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