Gripes of the KE resident

Writers: Garrick Liw & Lee Lin Hui
Editor: Benjamin Lim

Most of you were excited when your application for KE7 Hall was successful, knowing that you could expect months of fun and excitement accompanied by, unfortunately, mental and physical torture from CCAs and studying late into the night (or should I say early into the morning?). What was the first thing you felt when you set foot into KE7? Happiness? Sadness? We are willing to bet most of you experienced a shock looking up at KE7 from the PGP Bus Terminal, with PGP behind you.

Yes! It’s the flight of steps you have to conquer even before you become inaugurated as a member of the KE7 family. For the vertical marathon enthusiast among you, here is a compilation on the number of steps one has to surmount (or descend) on some of the more common journeys made in hall:

1)     PGP to Dining Hall – 121 steps

2)     E Block Level 1 to E Block level 8 – 139 steps

3)     Shepherd’s Path – 87 steps

4)     Block A to Block D – 108 steps

5)     Block H to Block E – 105 steps

6)     Multi purpose Court to Squash Court- 160 steps

What does this mean for you and me? Well, a normal walk from Dining Hall after your breakfast to the Faculty of Science via the Shepherd’s Path would take 186 steps. Compare this to a 10-storey HDB flat that has 144 steps. Is it any wonder then that we feel exhausted after each day in school? Consider the steps a poor D blocker has to ascend if he forgets to bring something for his training at the multi purpose court and imagine how much of a workout the conscientious E8 blocker has to go through everyday just to have a meal or get to school!

~~Stairway to Heaven~~

~~Stairway to Heaven~~

Aaah More stairs!?

Aaah More stairs!?

But maybe the number of stairs had something to do with the age of our hall. We are pretty sure not all seniors here know how old the KE7 building is: we are acutally turning 21 this year! None of us would have expected that our second home would be as old as we are. Among students here, KE7 is well known for its old exterior, especially when compared to the modern, condominium-like façade of PGP. Since KE7 is reaching 21, we should take this opportunity to vote for an entire facelift!

Wonder what it was like during puberty...

Wonder what it was like during puberty...

Perhaps as a consequence of its significant age (and the lack of design expertise at the time it was built), KE7 is also well known for being a death trap when it rains cats and dogs (which is all too often here in Singapore). Almost every pavement in KE7 will be flooded when it rains. Notice we used the word “flooded”, and not “wet”. But this is no mere exaggeration, just have a look at the evidence we collected below after a recent downpour! With water deep enough for ducks to swim in, even the PGP bus terminal could have formed a manmade pond.

Make sure you buy slippers with soles!

Make sure you buy slippers with soles!

This could lead to a tragic ending…

This could lead to a tragic ending…

Quack! Quack!

Quack! Quack!

Going down water-logged steps may not be a concern when you’re taking your time, but making a dash for a bus down 121 slip-inducing tiles can prove to be life-threatening! If you have similar experiences, you are not alone; feel free to join the facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=88574485194. =D


1 Response to “Gripes of the KE resident”

  1. 1 Zhou Shuo
    October 22, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    So it’s about 350 stairs from PGP to my room… lol

    Nice one, I like it =P

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