ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Wee Lee

By: Yap Juin Shiong
Editor: Pearly Neo

Wee Lee, Head of KE Flag Committee 2009

Wee Lee, Head of KE Flag Committee 2009

This year’s NUS Flag Day 2009 saw residents of King Edward VII (KE) making their way in full force to various parts of Singapore in a throng of yellow shirts emblazoned with the rag and flag design. The sole purpose: to raise funds for Community Chest on the behalf of 20 needy beneficiaries, who would eventually benefit from the $443,000 collected that day. The collection for KE was overseen by a single man, who is gifted of that very rare attribute that most people spend their entire life trying to acquire- the ability to effectively lead a group of people and organize them into a team working towards a single aim.

Recently, reporters from KEPress were able to coax this charismatic gentleman, Wee Lee, the head of KE Flag Committee 2009, into taking some time off his busy schedule to share his thoughts about Flag Day and hall life.

Q: Congratulations on organizing everything so perfectly! What are your thoughts on this year’s Rag and Flag?

A: This year was a fantastic year, especially because we won the Best Float and everyone I know is proud of it!!!

Q: That’s why KE is the best! Any interesting experiences to share about preparation for flag?

A: Yup, Johan keep molesting me. Just joking! It was great to see everyone’s passion and spirit into working for the final day to make sure everything went smoothly.

Q: Well, it must have been quite stressful! Why did you choose to be flag head then?

A: Because there was no head towards the end of the semester and being the previous Flag head I felt that it was a pity if no one were to lead it. So I told myself, “why not”?

Q: Wow! Being such an experienced person, what advice can you give on how to improve next year’s Flag Day? Do share some tips with the next potential Head of Flag Committee!

A: By asking the alumni to help. Halls like Sheares and KR have a very huge alumni base. Imagine if we have 500 alumni who donate $50, we will have $25,000 and definitely there are more than 500 alumni who have graduated from KE7. Imagine how much we can collect from them.

Q: Excellent advice! Let’s move on to hall life. As a senior, I’m sure you must have felt that KE has become your home away from home.

A: Yup, definitely!

Q: Well, so far, are there any changes you would desperately like to see in KE?

What I feel is that KE has a lot of potential to be one of the greatest hall and the alumni plays an important role, hence, I would like to see a more active alumni committee this year.

Q: What do you like about KE Hall? What is your most memorable experience of KE?

A: I like KE because it is quiet, it is near science, it is home of the squash champions and it has a kind of serenity around it. One memorable experience would probably be running for presidency when I was in year 2; it was quite an exciting period and a fruitful event.

Q: Having had the honour to interview you, I’d like to know more about the man himself. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a person?

A: I feel that I am a team player and a very motivated person. My weakness is that I am sometimes too optimistic at times.

Q: Being so motivated, you must be a really busy person! What do you do in your spare time?

A: Well, I guess normal stuff like going to the movies with my girlfriend and playing squash. I also like to play soccer and basketball.

Q: Which Junior College (JC) were you from? Do you feel that university life is anything like JC life?

A: I was from Nanyang JC. To me, University life would most probably be like JC if I was not staying in hall. You go to school, you hang out in the canteen and you go back home. Nothing special.

Q: Well, university life is also definitely about the academics too! Which course are you in? What do you like most about your course?

A: I am taking life science. What I like about it is that it is very interesting and the subject never fails to amaze me with topics ranging from viruses to human DNA.

Q: Any tips on studying?

A: I would be a wrong person to ask! Cause I feel I study very hard but I just can’t seem to score. Maybe I am self-delusional that I study hard, haha! But from what I observe from others, probably consistency is the key, no matter how busy you are, always take some time to review the day lectures.

Q: Now, a question which is on everyone’s mind- Which canteen do you think is the nicest in NUS, and why?

A: Hmm… Probably science, because it has a great variety and also it has Megabytes, which can be quite a treat after eating 2-3 weeks of canteen food. I usually eat Claypot Beancurd, it is a must try. I always feel very satisfied after eating it. Haha!

Q: I’ll be sure to try out the claypot beancurd next time I visit! Thank you so much for your time! Any last words of advice to fellow residents?

A: Enjoy hall life while you can and these will be the stories that you will tell your children when you have your own kids!


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