ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Xiao Shuang

By: Akhilesh Narayan
Photos: Xiao Shuang

KE’s spectacular, whimsical, sea-faring float, made an absolute splash at Rag Day 2009, plunging into victory, with the ‘Best Overall Float’ prize, an honour that King Edward VII Hall has not had for years. Behind this bedazzling work of genius, however, was an unforgettable experience for many, a summer of infinite memories, a treasure chest of burdens and hopes. Here to tell us the story is the little bundle of energy and enthusiasm, who managed the finances for KE’s Whale- Xiao Shuang, Treasurer and Operations Manager of ROCKE’s Float Committee for 2009.

The wording on the picture says it all.

The wording on the picture says it all.

Congrats on being treasurer and Operations Manager for KE7’s best float! What was special about KE’s float this year?

This year, our float adopted a different concept from our past floats. Our main concept was to have a main float, which have always been Kent Ridge’s and Sheares’ trademark, instead of the concept of having a montage float. Apparently it did the trick =)

That could very well be the secret behind our success. KE also won most environmentally friendly float. How did you make this possible?

Our team had gone all out to source for any and every creative material that they could lay their hands on. This included electrical appliances such as electric irons, telephones, electric kettles and also kitchen utensils such as butter beaters. The judges were especially impressed by our ‘Iron’ fish =)

Cheers on the day!

Cheers on the day!

Describe life in the post-Rag euphoria.

Life goes on, apparently. But one day, long after Rag is over, you will suddenly think of it and smile and say to yourself, “I’m glad that I joined and experienced one of the most meaningful activities in my life!”

Tell us about your experience as a member of the Float Committee last summer.

My experience is quite different from others. I am more involved in the admin side. I was responsible for liaising with the Hall management, other ROCKE members, companies (sponsors) and NUSSU.

What was your role as a treasurer, exactly?

Well, it was just normal stuff that a treasurer does. Plan a budget and keep an eye on it among other things. One additional thing I had to do was to hand in the financial statements to NUSSU towards the end period, when things were getting physical and mentally draining!

Describe a typical day of Float-work over the summer.

Wake up → switch on your computer → start work =)

Dedicated hard workers feeling tired...(L: Xiao Shuang, R: Sien Long)

Dedicated hard workers feeling tired...(L: Xiao Shuang, R: Sien Long)


Describe one special memory of your work in Float Comm?

A very special bonding session was when we cut and processed almost all the cans we got from Mega Metal (weighs up to 47 KG!!) in two consecutive nights. We chit chatted along the way and it was truly an unforgettable experience to me.

Describe one point when you and the Float Comm felt slightly down or bugged with the progress on the float.

There was one point of time when we had a miscommunication problem and were pushed to the brink of collapse. Luckily everyone sat down, discussed and probed every possibility that could be done to overcome the crisis. The crisis, in fact helped to bond our team even more!

Ok! Tell us one funny/ interesting thing about each of the other main committee members from float! (Please!!)

  • Vincent likes to play with the kitten in Comm Hall.
  • Sien Long cannot survive without milk.
  • Zhi Peng was forced to wear one of the ‘sexy’ costumes =) (Zhi Peng, im soooo sorry!)
  • Anthony likes to order large coke from Mcdonalds
  • Xiao Han also likes to drink milk
  • Wen Hao is another big fan of Coke.
  • Sharlene is always painting =)


Finally, congrats on been selected to JCRC this year! What are your hopes and plans for our Hall (and possibly float) in the coming year?

Since we are a bit tight on our budget this year, I hope that all of us can work together and try to cut down unnecessary expenses so that we can still achieve what we intend to achieve when we made our plans for hall’s CCAs.


And those were the parting words of our Financial Secretary (she’s perfect for the post, I feel). This has been a wonderful way for all of us to gain a sneak peek into the world of our Float Comm. While many of us went back home, they stayed on and built for King Edward VII Hall a beacon of pride…


6 Responses to “ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Xiao Shuang”

  1. 1 Chun Keat
    October 15, 2009 at 5:28 PM

    Bravo Xiao Shuang! Nice to see you here!

  2. 2 KEVIIAN
    October 17, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    Who the hell is this fellow? There were numbers of ROCKE leader should be interviewed before her!!!
    “ROCKE Leader Interviews” were conducted about one week once on ROCKE Leader. 1st was Louis Lim, who was the KEWOC head. 2nd was Vincent Lim, who was the Float head. Then, 3rd was Ling Xiao Shuang, who was Treasurer and Operations Manager of ROCKE’s Float Committee for 2009.
    What the hell?? Where is Flag Head Interview?? Where are the vice heads??
    Even in the Float Committee, there are Float Chief Designer and Float Production Manager that should be interviewed first!!!
    What’s the reason of this interview being conducted??
    She was in KE press?? Maybe.
    She is a JCRC member?? Maybe.
    It was easier in various ways to interview her?? Maybe
    She is the best candidate and most suitable person to be interview under “ROCKE Leader Interview”?? Haha… What a funny question.

  3. October 17, 2009 at 9:45 PM

    Hi KEVIIan,

    With regards to Xiao Shuang, it was my understanding that being the Operations Manager, she did play a key role in the Float Committee, hence my decision to interview her. It is not because she was from KE Press, or because she is in JCRC now. In any case, I’m open to suggestions as to whom I should interview, so your feedback is appreciated.

    And just to clarify – we had ROCKE interviews done a few weeks ago already. We just randomly post the interviews up on the this Hall Blog whenever there are days whereby there no write-ups of hall events. So whatever order the interview appear in is NOT reflective of the importance of their position or anything. Several writers interiewed them in the same week. So I can assure you that the Flag Head has been interviewed and that Sien Long (Production Manager of Float) has also been interviewed. Their interviews should be coming up soon.

    Lastly, while I appreciate your feedback, I would greater appreciate it if you could adopt a more civilised tone; there is no reason for you to resort to sarcasm. Also, it’d be nice of you to identify yourself.

    Thank you.

    Janice Fan
    Head (Writers)of KE Press 09/10

  4. 4 Chun Keat
    October 17, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    Dear KEVIIAN,

    Very harsh comments indeed. The comments are very blunt and I really hope Xiao Shuang doesn’t read this. First of all, I hope that you will be clear yourself what is the reason of writing this comment? Does this interview posting affect you in any way? You have insulted Xiao Shuang and also KE Press. I believe you are a mature enough person considering we are all young adults already. I do wish to know your reason for this kind of response to something which does not cause harm to you, to the hall residence or even to the reputation of hall, if that is your concern.
    As Janice, the KE Press head mentioned, that every ROCKE head was interviewed, it is just that those interviews will be posted later as it is still on hold. Thus, the ones which is finished first goes on hall blog first. I really do hope you understand this and next time please do find out the real reason before you do something outrageous like this.
    Lastly, I would like to say that I feel your actions is unfair and your words does not show any respect to Xiao Shuang and KE Press at all. Furthermore, I do not see any justifications in your actions, as in what do you get from this? Does this benefit you? Or even anyone? A simple advice, if you are not happy with anything or anyone, please confront that individual first before you make it public. Try to solve it within both parties, if things cannot be solved after you have confronted the other party, then feel free to make it known publicly.
    Thank you.

  5. 5 Vince
    October 19, 2009 at 1:03 AM

    Just a minor correction in what our fellow KEVIIan have to say. The post of Operations Manager is equivalent to the post of Production Manager if you intend to make things this technical. The Chief Designer is under the Production Manager along with the rest of the department heads. This is the hierarchy for the recent float team.

    With this being said, I do agree that it would probably have been wiser to put up Mr Goh Wee Lee’s interview before this. Also, you might consider interviewing Aik Leong as well as the ROCKE Head as well as the 52nd JCRC President. :)

  6. October 19, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    Hey Vincent, thank you for the clarification :) And yes, we do acknowledge that that would have been a wiser move; an oversight on our part that we’ll be sure to avoid in future. And thanks also for the suggestions!


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