ROCKE Leaders Interviews: Vincent

 By: Avik Sarkar
Editor: Janice Fan
Jessica Lau, Grace Chan, Ngyuen Kahn An

8th of August 2009 was the day which went down in history as KE was honored with not only the Most Environmentally Friendly Float Award , but also the Best Overall Float Performance Award – an honor which has tantalizingly evaded KE for the past fifteen years. Behind the stunning show lay the countless days and nights of selfless sacrifices and team work. From the deep waters of hard work and commitment of this year’s Float Committee, a magnificent float arose- KENOVO!

So, here we are with the one person whose vision, perception and leadership added yet another feather in KE’s cap. Yes, my fellow KEVIIans, it is none other than the head of ROCKE’s Float Committee 2009. In a candid chat with me, this key person bares his soul about Float 2009…

Presenting… VINCENT LIM!

Vincent & Sien Long, with the two awards!

Vincent & Sien Long, with the two awards!

Congrats on the achievement of the float committee 2009. How do you feel about the success?

 Like I’m not truly a part of it. I have always believed that the members who put together the float are the rightful owners of the float and not the head. I could only share their joy of creating a masterpiece from scratch. However as their head, I could not have been prouder to be able to form and lead this team to victory 


What was the experience of leading the float committee 2009 like?

It is probably the slackest and most stressful post in the entire committee. Slackest because all you need to do is look through the paperwork done by others, attend meetings chaired by others as well as giving instructions to others. Most stressful because you’ll have to appear to be the slackest despite all the deadlines, screw ups, complains, dissatisfactions as well as misunderstandings directed at you.

How do you feel now, looking back at those grueling float practice sessions during the summers?Do you mean the rehearsals/dry runs and dance sessions or do you mean the production of the float as a whole? If you mean the rehearsals and dance practices, I’m probably very relieved because every sessions, I’ll have a surprise and usually not in a good way. If you meant the entire production, then I would say, I missed it quite a lot, I’ve never been on Facebook so frequent in my entire life.  Also the fact that being surrounded by friends who are working towards a common goal everyday adds to the entire float experience.


How did you feel when you walked up the aisle to receive the awards?Honestly, I was rather puzzled initially. After going through 3 floats, I was rather sure of the  scoring system for Rag Day. Since Eusoff Hall have won the Best Performance as well as the Best Design, which constitutes a large percentage of the overall scores, we were rather skeptical of being able to win the best overall float. Furthermore, the announcer called the award Best Float Performance for the Day, which I thought already went to Eusoff. Therefore I wasn’t too sure of the award we won until I read the title of the award on the Shield.


Vincent and an overjoyed crowd! (when the results were announced during Rag Day)

Vincent and an overjoyed crowd! (when the results were announced during Rag Day)


a close-up of Vincent

a close-up of Vincent

 What is the one thing you would like to change about KE float 2009, given the rare chance of time travel?

Why would I change anything? We did win the best overall performance right? I’m sure there are parts of the float that could be improved on to win the other awards as well but what happens if in the midst of trying to improve a certain aspect of the float, we forgo some other important aspect which cost us the ultimate award.


Tell us about one moment you hated the most and one moment you cherished the most during your term in office as the float head 2009…

I probably hated the times we have the weekly general meetings the most. Reason being nobody actually listens to what was being said especially during the later period where everybody is shagged out. But the meeting is still necessary for those who actually listens to update themselves on our progress. I’ll also cherish the moment the general meetings the most not because the meeting’s finally over but because we’ll have our float cheer at the end of the meetings where you get to see everyone re-energized.


Did you think we had a high chance of winning before the “big day” arrived and why did you think so?

I’ve never once believed that it was by any chance that we won. Since the design was finalized and all the members started on the float, we’ve already won. There were times when the team was demoralized and we were far behind schedule. I did get worried during these few periods. However, the team managed to pull through and proved that my worries are groundless.


KENOVO is a brilliant idea and an apt answer to NUSSU’s Rag theme 2009…How did the idea come about? Tell us also how it was developed into its final magnificence…

To be honest, I’m rather clueless on how KENOVO actually came about. As mentioned, I just put the team together and World War III didn’t start between the departments. A better person to ask would be our Chief Designer, Anthony. However, if you want to know how such a wonderful team is formed, I could share that with you though it might be rather boring for this interview.
Finally, perhaps a few words of encouragement for the upcoming Float Committee 201o?

I really hope there’s no need for any words of encouragement as that would mean they’ve hit a wall and are demoralized. Why else should they need any encouragement? Here’s a few words of advice though: Float is all about believing in what you do. As long as you believe your float is the winning float, it will be just that; the winning float.


Last but not the least, congrats on being selected to be part of the JCRC again. As the sport secretary, what are your plans for our hall’s sports in the coming year?

If this is to be put into the year book, it’ll probably be too late to know about my plans. On the other hand, if this is to be up in the hall blog, why would I share my plans with the other halls? What I can say is I foresee a rising KEVII in the sporting front. 

Thank you for your time and a wonderful interview! All the very best in your future endeavors :)


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