after dusk party – sneak peek!

Writer: Adriel Leong
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

KE VII Hall has always been known among the NUS community for its worn out (and eerie) exterior. This year, KE VII Hall will live beyond its eerie reputation by holding, for the first time ever, the largest Halloween party in NUS. The ‘After Dusk Party’, as it is aptly named, is organized by GH block and promises to be a mind-blowing experience not recommended for the faint-hearted. We had a chat with JK, head of the organizing committee, for a sneak peak into what the After Dusk Party (ADP) has to offer. Be afraid, very afraid.

 King Edward

So JK! Please tell us more about the ADP?

Sure thing! It will be held on the 16th of October; and certainly something that everyone can look forward to after the tiring and traumatizing mid-term examinations. This event will certainly showcase KE VII Hall in a different light, as familiar places such as the Meeting Room, Communal Hall and Recreational Room will be transformed overnight to become Halloween themed haunts.

The party will start with a screening of well-loved horror movies that will certainly send a chill down your spine. Subsequently, the journey into King Edward Hospital will commence! Displaying the artistic and dramatic talents of the GH block committee, your senses will definitely be thrilled by the convincing acting and flamboyant costumes. Finally, the night will end in the Recreational Room where all participants will feast on ordinary food with extraordinary appearances. Tested and proven recipes of mocktails will also be served! The atmosphere will be great for chilling out as a live band will be playing in the background, setting the mood for a time of great fun and bonding.

How was the idea conceived? Who was the brain child of the event?

Well, I must say that food had a huge part to play in making this event a reality. It was conceived after many late-night bowls of ‘Ban Mian’ at the NUH Kopitiam, with a tinge of inspiration from the ghostly atmosphere en-route to NUH. In particular, we have a fellow GH blocker to thank for showing us the ghastly images from his Forensic Science module revolving around mangled bodies and faceless corpses.

Given the reputation of being the most ‘happening’ block in KE VII Hall, how does GH again feel, being given this opportunity to plan such a ‘happening’ event?

We’re really excited to be given the opportunity to plan this event in KE VII Hall! Halloween has never been a traditional must-have in KE, and we hope to change that this year by providing a setting for KEViians to let their hair down (pun intended) and have fun at this ghostly event!

What is the purpose of the event?

Well, we hope to showcase the vibrancy of KE VII Hall to the potential future residents and show other people how we truly have fun! More importantly, we hope that KE VII residents will bond even more closely though the many scares and frights that await them! :P

In short, what is the event all about? What can we expect from it?

In short, this is how every university student should be living up life on Halloween. ;) This is the first time that such an event has ever been organized in KE VII Hall. :D So be prepared for refreshing, never-seen-before scares! Expect awesome food, awesome drinks, awesome music, awesome atmosphere and an awesome party!!

Lastly, what would you like to tell our readers? How can they prepare themselves for the party?

Dress up, brace yourself and have a blast. (: Happy Halloween too folks! We’ll be seeing you there!

Well readers, so what are you waiting for? Be part of the After Dusk Party now! Tickets are going fast so grab them before they run out! For further enquiries, please contact Patrick at 81393492 or afterdusk09@hotmail.com. See you at the party and remember to bring your guts along! :D

adp ticket final 7PM


9 Responses to “after dusk party – sneak peek!”

  1. 1 max
    October 6, 2009 at 1:46 AM

    i do not think the benefits the hall gets can justify the resources being put into holding this event. of course we like to see vibrancy, but resources must be well-managed and controlled given the limitations we have.

    and “More importantly, we hope that KE VII residents will bond even more closely though the many scares and frights that await them!” is a funny belief that occurs once in a while in the hall’s life cycle.

  2. 2 Muzca
    October 6, 2009 at 4:09 PM


    An event of this magnitude like has never been held at least in my time in hall and if we go by some accounts of previous seniors, in their time as well, so we can’t yet quantify nor foresee the benefits to hall as we can’t draw from past experiences. So you or I shouldn’t judge or try to judge what might come out of this, until we see it for ourselves.

    All we can do as seniors is that we should encourage the juniors to come out with more new and bright ideas such as this, thus not trying to stifle them with past war stories or experiences.

    Also we shouldn’t also always use the lack of resources or limitations as an excuse because as the saying goes, if there’s a will there’s a way.

    Our hall has a set reputation and events like this will help break that stereotype. You might be comfortable with how our hall is perceived by the rest but some of us actually want to breakaway from the boring image our hall is bogged down with. Of course one event like this won’t make a drastic impact but the fact of the matter is that it WILL make an impact no matter how small. Every small step towards a better reputation for hall is one more giant step in building a better future for KEVII. That might sound like an exaggeration but that’s what I firmly believe.

    We can’t always fall back on the old ideas and keep doing what our seniors did just because it’s easy and the outcome is predictable. A lot of us fall into that trap. Somebody has to step and break that chain. Somebody has to take chances and make things work. If we never do things like this, hall will always be in a rut and we will never ever break away from what we are now.

    Saying all that, I do hope you attend the event though, then you can come here and tell me honestly how it was.

  3. 3 max
    October 6, 2009 at 5:06 PM

    well, if one is aware and concerned enough, he should know past war stories or experiences are important to keep war from happening again.

    and, if one is even more aware and down to earth, he should know that many active residents especially hall leaders are facing problem with improving their committees, projects and activities because their members are tied to too many commitments, schedule too tight and/or money not enough. if money is not an issue since money is always out there in the world for you to earn, the first 2 reasons are some things the hall cannot avoid, simply because we only have 470 residents and no. of weeks in a semester X 7 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds.

    nevertheless, some of our mainstream projects such as ibg, icn, ihg (convening), hall play, xqrj, chinese drama, drama fest, amplitude, open house, dnd, orientation, rag, flag… to some extent, have more or less fallen into stereotypical situations of different levels, simply because there isn’t enough people to come up with greater ideas.

    having said these, i think if one has faith in what is happening at various corners of the hall everyday, knows the strengths and weaknesses of the hall, and most importantly, understands the needs of most (active) residents, he will not see the hall in a rut now, but already on a stairway to shaping a strong, vibrant and respectable hall, ready to for the centennial celebration in a few years time.

  4. October 13, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    as a resident of ke7 it saddens me to see such discouraging remarks. a few brave individuals have dared to step up to do something different and non-mainstream. if we cannot gather support from within, i dun see how we can earn respect from others. the least we can do is to give our well wishes to whatever our residents have initiated.
    perhaps in a few years time we can be ready for the centennial celebration, and in a few years time hopefully our hall can be rid of people who come up with excuses for their lack of effort, and instead be replaced by those who dare to aim high.

  5. 5 Chun Keat
    October 13, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    Dear desm, please don’t feel sad please. First of all I want to say that it is not wrong to try new things and actually it should be encouraged as well. Truthfully, when we heard about this project we are a bit doubtful and had considered the benefits and the cost as well. We did give some suggestions to improve this project however the GH block head have his own views and thus we respected their decision.
    The concept we are trying to bring here is this. We do not want to be over controlling and being judgemental just because this event has not been done in the past. However, we will take note of the effectiveness of this event. If this goes on very well, I do not see why we should go against it. From what I heard the ticket sales is not bad,besides that, I have feedback from friends asking me that is ADP from my hall and there are some nice remarks from them that it is an interesting event. Some people who never got to know about KE7 suddenly realize our existence.
    The JCRC from other halls suddenly became interested in our hall, even OSA staffs who asked more about this event as we, the JCRC promoted ADP to them and some of them will be coming! To me it is a miracle!
    Do note that a post mortem on this event will definitely be done, we will make sure that. I cannot say this event is a total success based on what I perceive and definitely I cannot say it is a failure before things actually happen.
    On what Muzca said on our hall is in a rut. Wow! That is a bit too over I think. I am very proud of KE7 and I believe each and every KEVIIAN should be proud of our hall. Like what Max said, we have a lot of very unique productions. I do agree a lot with Max that our hall is becoming stronger and stronger. We are gaining grounds! People might perceive that we are one of the least well known hall but I don’t think so at all. I am seeing foundations being build year by year towards greater glory. Imagine if suddenly TH and EH got no sportsman, KR has no more great singers and band members, they will start to struggle in their sports and culture stuffs, I won’t say they will be chui as I respect them as a high achieving hall. However, our hall has a very good system which we should be proud of. Where do you see a committee consisting of 20 + people organizing a National Event? Or the hall where foreigners feel very welcomed and homely. I believe in KE7 we have created a platform for all nationalities to be creative and express their respective cultures and talents. This, WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF!
    Material things and fame might passed away but what is important is the sense of achievment, the sense of belonging which we catered for a diverse society we are living in.
    It is my first time saying these kind of things. I hope for your understanding and continuous support towards our hall. I wish there will be no more misunderstandings. In summary, all of us wants the best for our hall and lets see what can be done, I believe time will reveal many truths. I wish all the best for ADP and its great if it is a success, but if is not successful it is okay, we should not be afraid of failures but to learn from them.

  6. October 14, 2009 at 12:45 AM

    I think it’s too early to judge the event when it hasn’t even happened yet. If it turns out to be a success, it will really help during Open House, and hopefully help us break away from the ” Oh KEVII is a very cultural hall” sorta belief.

    Yup, ADP is an endeavour to be praised. For both its innovation and effort.

  7. 7 Buddhima
    October 15, 2009 at 3:07 AM

    lol yea exactly. seniors stop whining already :p let these guys do their thing :)

  8. October 16, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    Hey just wanna say that I’ve enjoyed the After Dusk Party tonight! It’s well organised and managed to serve its function as a scary social event (quite an oxymoron haha). Despite the small number of organisers (the GH Block Comm), the flow of events was good. I’d have been very afraid had I walked through the Communal Hall/Haunted Hall(?) alone, and not with another person to accompany me. The eye & body, the baby delivery scene, the toy scene and the last photo-searching part were all pretty scary. I’m very sure that there were a lot of KEVIIans and visitors from outside who were thoroughly frightened :)

    The details put into this event are commendable, especially the food. The tombstone bread and witches’ fingers were very creative :) I don’t have much to comment about the Band though, as by the time I went down, they were playing the last item. But they were definitely audible since 8.00pm :)

    I think in the end, the After Dusk Party managed to serve as a bonding/social event for residents and to introduce a different side of KEVII to visitors. A breath of fresh air to the mundane sequence of Hall Events and may be an event to look forward to should it be organised again in the future. It’s a big effort to organise such an event – the planning, execution (and hopefully, the recovery process) and I must congratulate the GH Block Comm for organising this After Dusk Party. Good job once again!

    PS: The above is just my own personal opinion. Doesn’t represent anyone else or any other organisation :)

  9. 9 E803
    October 17, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    To be honest, ADP does not look appealing to me at first but after attended the event, I WAS WRONG. The ADP was indeed an exciting yet frightening event especially the scene whereby the girl chasing after us with a pair of scissors. I had my adrenaline rush there. =P
    I believe that the organising committee has put in lots of efforts to make it a success. *thumbs up* They deserve the compliment. How i wish the trail of horror can be extended. =) Looking forward for future ADP (if there is any)

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