seeing double? (part 2)

Writers: Adriel Leong and Riddhwaj Jalan (a.k.a Rid)
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

It’s a breezy Monday evening and we had the opportunity to sit with one of the (home made) ‘twins’ of KE VII Hall, Mae Yue (F-block) and Sheeren (CD-block). While they are not twins by birth or blood, their uncanny physical resemblance and common traits have prompted fellow hall residents to swiftly associate them as ‘twins’. Both halves hail from Malaysia and are currently pursuing a course in Medicine. We spent an enjoyable twenty minutes discovering the quirky side of the Malaysian Twins.

Mae Yue (MY) and Shereen (SH) <3

Mae Yue (MY) and Shereen (SH) <3

Hi Mae Yue. Hi Sheeren!

TOGETHER: Hi guys!

Well, a lot of people have commented that you girls are ‘twins’. What do you all have to say about that?

MY: We so don’t look alike lor!

*vivacious laughter follows*

SH: Exactly! Don’t you all have better things to do than come up with such ridiculous pairings! Anyway, we are so different lah!

MY: Yeah! Don’t know why you all think that we are so alike!

Ya right, you two certainly have similar reactions to being called twins!

So in what ways are you girls different?

MY: I’m WAYYYYY cooler lor!

*SH rolls eyes*

MY: She’s so lazy! She doesn’t even run for the ball! (While playing tennis)

SH: I know you all very fit! But at least I don’t miss the ball like MY!

MY: Lazy!

SH: It’s called waiting for the ball to come to you lah!


SH: Anyway! I’m from Penang!

MY: And I’m from Kuala Lumpur!

In that case, how are you similar then?

MY: Well I guess we’re both very happy people! :D

SH: Ok lah! We smile a lot! :D

MY: But she’s more emo than me!

SH: Not that emo lah! Just sometimes.

You mean Mae Yue is emo?

SH: No lah! If Mae Yue is considered emo, the whole world would be classified as depressed or suicidal! :p

So… How did you two get to know each other!

SH: CHUN KEAT! I didn’t know anyone before I came to Singapore lor!

MY: How did you know Chun Keat!

SH: Forum thingy?

MY: I did not even go to the forum! Cos I am technically not a part of it!

(Side note: The forum in question is the Malaysian Student League)

MY: Oh did you know! I am a PR already!

SH: I hope to get PR soon!

Ahhhh, looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of you in Singapore for a long time!

So what are your food preferences!

MY: I hate bittergourd !

SH: Bittergourd is super nice lah! But I hate parsley and celery!

MY: Celery is ok, parsley is bad and bittergourd is just plain sick!

SH: You should try egg with bittergourd! My mom makes super nice ones! She always cooks! I guess that is why I eat anything! (except parsley and celery of course)

Speaking of food, who are your eye candies?

MY: Richard Gere (even though he is old!) Brad Pitt!

*SH squeals in excitement*

SH: Johnny Depp too! He’s so cool!

"don't fight over me girls"

Brad Pitt: don't fight over me girls!

we share share lah!

we share share lah!

So do you all know who Christopher Lee is?

MY: Christopher who??

The Channel 8 actor?


MY: No lah! I can hardly write my Chinese name and can only write 1 – 10!

(Fun fact: MY got an A1 for Higher Malay!)

SH: I am even worse! I think I can only write Chinese from 1 – 3, its 1 stroke! 2 strokes then 3 strokes!

MY: Fail! Did you know at the Public Health Screening (a Medicine event for the community), I was able to do everything until it came to the stage where I had to describe what a PAP smear is in Mandarin! Then I just died!

So what are the things that irk you out?

SH: Lizards! They are naked.

MY: Cockroaches! They have some funny sound

SH: No lizards! They are so disgusting! So naked!

MY: Cockroaches! They are always flying about! Or crawling!

So, anything else you all want to tell the hall residents?

MY: Have fun!


SH: Err let me think!

MY: See lah! Lazy as usual!

SH: Don’t be as lazy as me! And I love my kampong people! (The KE gang)

In conclusion, after interacting with them, we realized that the twins were not exactly that “twin-ish” after all in terms of their preferences and dislikes. However, beyond these differences, we certainly sensed an air of similarity in terms of the way they talked, laughed and reacted to certain subjects (*cough*bradpitt*cough*). The unspoken chemistry between them in their friendly banter and random comments was definitely present and we hope to see more of them in action together in the future! =)


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