ab fruit night!

Writer: Ginny Quek
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

AB Block had its first ever Fruit Night on Wednesday and it was a resounding success. As the event drew near, blockers flocked towards the corridor outside the AB Lounge where a spectacular display of fruits laid before them. The event started off with AB Block Resident Fellow, Professor Li Xiaoping (who was meeting the AB Blockers for the first time this academic year), making a rousing speech and immediately after that, Fruit Night officially began!

gong xi fa cai! durian na lai!

gong xi fa cai! durian na lai!

The success of fruit night was in no small part, attributed to the wide variety of fruits available, catering to the diverse taste buds of the AB blockers. The selection of the night included fruits like longan, mango, banana, dragonfruit, watermelon, strawberries and behold, the king of all fruits – the magnificent durian! In fact, for some of the foreign AB blockers, it was the first time they had set sight on this green thorny fruit, much to their amusement. Members of the block committee had also gone the extra mile to peel the skin off the longans and slice the other fruits to bite-sized chunks, much to the delight of hungry AB blockers who were waiting to pounce on the fruits. For those with a sweet tooth, there was even a chocolate fondue with marshmallows for them to enjoy!

the delightful spread

the delightful spread

There was no doubt that the superstar of the evening was the durian. Even before Fruit Night started, everybody was in anticipation of savouring the durian as the (debatable) fragrance of the fruit wafted across the corridors, announcing its grand arrival. When Fruit Night officially started, there was a stampede to the durian table and a mad rush for the durians. Blood was inadvertently shed when blockers, blinded by the alluring yellow durian flesh, dived for the thorns instead. I have to admit that this greatly took me by surprise as I did not expect durian to be so popular (as it is an acquired taste). There were some however, who eschewed durians and instead, succumbed to the temptation of the other fruits.

blockers helping themselves to the fruits

blockers helping themselves to the fruits

Another popular item apart from the durian was the mango. I guess such exotic fruits are not exactly cheap and being able to enjoy them for free was something that the blockers did not want to miss! The chocolate fondue was also a massive hit as blockers dipped fruit after fruit into it, experimenting with the different fruits and tastes. There were certainly weird combinations such as watermelon and chocolate but in my opinion the most palatable combination would have to be mango and chocolate. The hint of bitterness in the chocolate complemented the sweet and sour tang of the mango perfectly! The blockers were certainly adventurous with their fruits!

chicken wings make a guest appearance

chicken wings make a guest appearance

Overall, fruit night was beyond a shadow of doubt a total success and I look forward to future events which promote a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, provide a good platform for hanging out with fellow blockers! After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! :D


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