seeing double? (part 1)

Writers: Ng Sze Hwee and Jonathan Chan
Editor: Ong Qing Liang

 Ever since Wang Lu and Xu Nan were seen together during orientation, people have commented on their identical hairstyle (not so identical now that XN has cut his hair!), their scholarship and their education progression- both took the SM1 programme – they came to Singapore at the equivalent of the local Sec 3 in order to attend through-train programmes here; both are doing the same double degree in NUS now. But beneath these appearances, how much were they exactly alike? We went to meet the KEWOC member from F-block and the freshman from CD for a small chat to see whether their likeness ran more than skin deep

Xu Nan (XN) and Wang Lu (WL)

Xu Nan (XN) and Wang Lu (WL)

Introduce yourselves?

XN: Xu Nan, Engineering, Year 2

WL: Wang Lu, Year 1… well, same faculty as him!

Which part of China do you all come from?

XN: Hebei

WL: Liao Ning

Liao Ning and Hebei are actually quite far apart right?

Both: YES!

So here, we see how fate has brought the two from so far away to this tiny little island, this tiny university and even to this tiny little hall!

WL: (exclaims!) We are actually very different! He was from the main stream while I was from the Integrated Programme in VJC.

XN: Well, actually I went to ACS(I) and did the IB programme there.

Well, close enough for us reporters who are looking for any mild link whatsoever between them =)

How did the two of you first come to know about each other?

WL: (thought for a long while.. and almost forgot until XN prompted her!) Supper outing during the welcoming week.

XN: I knew of her existence before I saw her (awww). You know, in KEWOC we have this name list of the freshies.. So I was checking out who were all the SM1 freshies because there were very few of them, and she was one of them! And then I met her during the dinner outing of course!

What is your one favourite thing to do in hall?

XN: Chinese drama lor!

WL: Arghhh pressure!!!…. Because I’m in Chinese drama! Ok, ok, Chinese drama too…

So we have found yet another similarity and we probed further.

What is your favourite dinner special in the dining hall?

XN: Bak kut teh

WL: Orh, haven’t tried yet

What is one thing you would change in the hall?

WL: Change it to a five-star hotel

XN: Put aircon in the rooms

What do you think of the other person? You can secretly tell us if you don’t dare.

XN: Ahhhh…. Ladies first

WL: Errrrr… I think he has strong leadership and he is very good at acting, at least that’s what I heard. Then, good CCA results, good academic results. Character-wise, he’s kind to all the Chinese drama members.

Ohhh, so he’s very nice to you!!!

* Wang Lu blushes* :D

WL: No, ALLL the Chinese drama members!

Aha, and what about you XN?

XN: She’s very responsible. She’s in charge of one of our small productions. From what I heard and what I observed from the meetings, I can tell she is very responsible.

So you’ve been observing her?

WL: Hehhh that’s what you infer.

If you rate the other person’s character and looks from 1 to 10, what will you rate them as?

Wang Lu rated Xu Nan’s character as 7.5, and his looks as 7.0

Xu Nan rated Wang Lu’s character as 8.0 and her looks as 7.5

Describe KE in 3 words

XN: Seek strive and serve!

WL: Home, fun, friends!

Do you have any eye candy in hall?

XN: If I say no, all the girls will kill me! Ok, YES! In every block. Especially West Wing. Especially F-block!

WL: YES, especially East Wing

East Wing guys and West Wing girls, rejoice =)

What do you like best about your block?

XN: F-block? The RF! Because of the special supper we have every year!

WL: Ah, I love C block because everyone is so united!

Not because of Nicholas?

*Wang Lu waves her finger threateningly*

WL: Ehhhhh!!!

Would you all go out with each other?

Both: For what!!

*They both think*

Both: Ah it depends, it depends…That’s the politically right answer =)

So that means there’s a chance!!!

Tell us one interesting thing about yourselves:

WL: On the first day of school (JC), I was heading to VJC from my hostel in Victoria School. What’s interesting is that there was only ONE bus out of the many buses that did not go to VJC and I actually took that ONE AND ONLY wrong bus and ended up in siglap! What luck!

XN: Once I had a cockroach on my body while I was sleeping. I felt something on my body and when I switched on the light, there was the cockroach! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my foolscape pad and whacked it. My roommate was screaming and jumping on the bed!

Your roommate was a girl?

XN: NO! My roommate was a guy!

We had them play a game, showing them 4 different pictures of random objects and asking them to write words related to these things which came to their mind without discussion. We then compared their lists to see how many of their words coincided.

A watch pinned to a red noticeboard

A watch pinned to a red noticeboard

Common words: Numbers, red.

2 out of an average of 13 words written

A biscuit tin on a blue background

A biscuit tin on a blue background

Common words: Label -_-“’

1 out of an average of 11 words written

A mop

A mop

Common words: None!!!

0 out of an average of 10 words written

A flight of stairs

A flight of stairs

Common words: Green

1 out of average of 8 words written

Wang Lu's (left) and Xu Nan's answers

Wang Lu's (left) and Xu Nan's answers

Well, it was not exactly what we had expected as they only had about 10% of the answers that coincide. So I guess they don’t have the telepathy that we expected. But of course there are always fundamental differences between a male and a female so I guess this discrepancy is acceptable? Anyway, that is why opposites attract! But wait, as we left…

By the way what is your favourite colour?

XN: Blue

WL: Huhhhh!! Mine also!

And do you play any sports?

WL: I just came from basketball training.

XN: !!! I was from basketball last year!

So, KEVIIans, what do you think now? =)


Xu Nan, Wang Lu and the interviewers!

Xu Nan, Wang Lu and the interviewers!


8 Responses to “seeing double? (part 1)”

  1. 1 Zhuangli
    September 18, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    5 LIKES! =D love this post! hahaha. =D

  2. September 19, 2009 at 1:14 AM

    HAHAHAH hilarious! i love the interview!

  3. 3 Liu Jianpu
    September 19, 2009 at 9:47 AM


  4. September 19, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    haha.. sodesuyonee.. XD XD

  5. 5 janicefan
    September 19, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    HAHA! nice one… :D

  6. 6 stephanie
    September 19, 2009 at 7:09 PM

    I love this interview! it’s great! thanks to wang lu and xu nan! also not forgetting my thumbs-up to the interviewers and editor! yay! =)

  7. 7 kenjuin
    September 21, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    What a good read, can’t help but to laugh (: good piece from ke press!

  8. 8 Zhang Xiaoxi
    October 9, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    hahax~~interesting~~love the interview:-)

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