cd games night

Writer: Ashish
Editor: Ong Qing Liang


CD Games Night was a special night dedicated for blockers to rediscover the joys of being a kid again. As the clock struck 10, blockers started streaming into the lounge, dressed up in their colourful array of pyjamas (or boxers for some). CD Block Head, Huimin, gamely took the lead by appearing in her pink, doggy-imprinted pyjamas while Loraine even brought along her cuddly bedtime companion to join in the fun!

Janice and Huimin (count the number of puppies on Huimin's pyjamas!)

Janice and Huimin (having insomnia? count the number of puppies on Huimin's pyjamas!)

Boxers galore

Boxers galore

Loraine and her cuddy friend

Loraine and her cuddy friend

Food has always been an integral (and important) part of Hall events and this time round was no exception. CD blockers were treated to sweet indulgence in the form of marshmallows and cookies, and also savoury snacks such as french fries and nachos. The lounge was soon filled with the delicious smell of food and the sounds of contagious laughter and friendly chatter among blockers.

Food glorious food

Food glorious food

As the food pile on everyone’s plates gradually levelled off, the two organizers – Fang Min and Josephine, announced the start of the night’s games. The first game, charades, saw participants enacting the names of cartoons or TV show to their team mates for guessing, much to the amusement of many. Both teams went neck to neck through the 6 rounds, but eventually team 2 triumphed by a whisker. Based on Nicholas’ extreme insistence, Jordan had to feed Joel a French fry, using his mouth only, as a forfeit. The crowd was greatly entertained by the awkwardness displayed by both parties as they engaged in this intimate act of affection.

The masterminds behind it all - Fang Min & Josephine

The masterminds behind it all - Fang Min & Josephine

Joel and Jordan having 'fun'

Joel and Jordan having 'fun'

The following game of the night was the limbo rock. Initially, the limbo stick was held shoulder high and almost everyone could go under it effortlessly. However, with each succeeding round, the stick descended, and with that, more people succumbed to the forces of gravity. After numerous rounds of elimination, it came to a final showdown between Paul and Zhao Yang, with the former emerging as the overall champion.  

Paul the Limbo King!

Paul the Limbo King!

The night concluded with all in high spirits and everyone left heartened that the inner, fun-loving kid deep within them was still well and alive. =)


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  1. September 13, 2009 at 8:10 PM

    omg.. huimin in pyjamas.. XD XD XD

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