By: Benjamin Lim
Photos by: Wei Haoyang, Stephanie Kho, Kelvin Anggara, Deborah Wong


Any outsider who stepped into KE VII early that Thursday evening would have been forgiven for thinking that we were hosting a wedding dinner for an honoured person. From the east to the west (wings, I mean) people dressed to the nines began making their way to the Dining Hall, eventually congregating just outside it in a boisterous reception. The strong rivalry and competitive spirit from the recently concluded Inter-Block Games was all but forgotten as friends from different blocks of KE VII got together and made lively conversation.

 Indeed, so engaging was the dialogue all these “dinner guests” were involved in, that few people heeded the call to move into and sit down in the Dining Hall. Though some were making conversation whilst waiting for their dates, others just found this a splendid time to catch-up with old friends, even as the school semester would start to pick up its pace in the days ahead.

what we were treated to this special evening!

what we were treated to this special evening!

first dish of the night...

first dish of the night...

After much tireless effort on the part of the organizing committee, calling and herding the recalcitrant crowd, they finally succeeded in relocating them into the dining hall. And what a good call it was! With the air-conditioning turned on at full blast and the lights dimmed just so perfectly, the atmosphere was ripe for a great evening ahead.

 Not long after being shepherded into the dining hall, the “couple of the night” (our Hall Master) arrived to the sound of respectful applause. As he recounted the successes of the past academic year and rallied us to strive to do even better in the year ahead, cheers erupted from the enthusiastic audience. Following a rousing welcome speech by JCRC president Qing Song and oath taking by the 53rd JCRC, the members of the welfare committee served dinner to all the hungry guests.

Alongside the strike of cutlery on plates, the rhythmic numbers played by the KE band seemed to lend an orchestral quality to the sound of voices happily chatting away as the guests made conversation. Music then gave way to videos that celebrated the various achievements the hall had enjoyed in the past year as the guests began to get comfortable and the pace of the dinner slowed down somewhat.

ashish as the lead guitar

ashish as the lead guitar

our Vice President singing his heart out... for us!

our Vice President singing his heart out... for us!

It thus caught everyone by great surprise when the emcees for the night invited one couple from each block to come on stage to participate in a little game. By asking each couple provocative questions (like whether their date snored), but without allowing both of them to discuss their answers, hilarity ensued as both honest and politically correct answers elicited their fair share of laughs from the crowd. Each block was also tasked to gather a list of items and dress the couple who represented their blocks with whatever they could find. The sporting reps of each blocks were indeed quite a sight to behold! :P

AB Block Head being a sport during the games! Dressed up with the items that the emcess ordered each block to find... Nice earrings eh? ;)

AB Block Head dressed up with the items that the emcess ordered each block to find... Nice earrings eh? ;)

 Sadly, the highlight of the night’s program soon came to an end. Although the audience’s eyes had barely stopped tearing from laughter, the program soon took on a more sober disposition as a video of the KE overseas CIP trip was screened. Dessert was promptly served as the official conclusion of the night’s activities ended on a particularly poignant note as guests remembered the plight of the more unfortunate people in the world that did not even have the privilege of sitting down to enjoy a dinner like they did.

 Most guests however, thought the night too young and remained behind in the air-conditioned comfort of the hall to enjoy each other’s company. Flashes of light flooded the dimly lit hall as guests whipped out their cameras to capture memories of a night well spent with both close and new friends. One could hardly move more than 10 steps without running into smiling faces and digital lenses. Truly, it was a night to be remembered as events where the hall could gather together to enjoy each other’s company were few and far between.

CD Block! :)

CD Block! :)

hahaha.. KE Press Heads and Vice Heads! :D

hahaha.. KE Press Heads and Vice Heads! :D


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