F-block Victory Supper

 Writer: Jonathan Chan
Photographs by: Hazel

 F block held its post-IBG supper on Wednesday night, 26th August. The first thing many of us heard were the peals of “F-BLOCK SUPPERRRR!!!” ringing out from the F3 balcony. No need to bang on doors individually – with lungs like those found in the likes of Mae Yue, Chin Ee and the other block comm members, a good yell brings people running. Cardiac murmurs and diabetic conditions suddenly seemed less interesting as I picked up my key and headed for the balcony.

 We beheld a chocolate fondue and ice cream float lovingly prepared by the block committee, with upbeat music playing from a thoughtfully donated laptop. With a little prompting from the block comm, we headed for the plates of fruits and marshmallows, got our fondue ingredients, then accepted the chocolate doled out by Sheng Hui and Jerusha, before spooning on the toppings provided by the block comm, a novel mix of M&Ms, cereal, milo powder, sprinkles and others. A tumbler filled with root beer and the makeshift cooler with tubs of ice cream completed the spread before us, as we made our own floats to wash down the chocolate.

chocolate teeth shot :D

chocolate teeth shot :D

 The theme of the supper today was “Sweet Victory”, as F-block celebrated maintaining our runner-up place in IBG this year, bringing the fight to the rest of the blocks, many of which contained numerous experienced seniors in the games. That we attained not a few finals, not to mention victories in tennis and table tennis, is a testament to everyone’s hard work. Special mention to the freshmen, whose enthusiasm in both playing and cheering led to this fantastic result. The supper was a reward for every drop of sweat spilled on the courts, every bruised forehead, every sprained ankle, every brutal tackle endured during the games. Not to mention all the lung power that was consumed during the games as F-block cheered its heart out.

f blockers at their first supper of AY 09/10

f blockers at their first supper of AY 09/10

 On the wall of the block were the pictures of the games and the victory certificates given out by the hall. Indeed, everyone there could feel the warmth and friendship through the conversation, laughter and singing, a friendship which only a week of battling together on the sports field can bring. The night culminated with a mass block photo taking with the montage of certs and pictures. “Victory really is sweet”, said F-block head Ching Tse. Vice-head Mae Yue could not comment when asked as her mouth was full.

theme of the night

theme of the night

1st runner up for the second year running!

1st runner up for the second year running!

In the end, one might say that the theme is not exactly true (acknowledgement to GH block who did well to win IBG), but to my idealistic self, victory in this case also includes the friends made, the integration of new members of the block into our community, the melding of every F-blocker into one entity. This is a community which I am proud to be a member of, and I’m sure every true, dark blue F-blocker would be, too! A great way to start the year indeed, and we look forward to more block activities in the days to come!

3 generations of Block Heads, with Dr Seow!

3 generations of Block Heads, with Dr Seow!F BLOCK HUAT AH!


4 Responses to “F-block Victory Supper”

  1. August 28, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    haha love the rhyme!

    and maeyue couldn’t comment… as usual =p

    congrats f block! :)

  2. 2 hazel
    August 29, 2009 at 1:32 AM

    hello, my lungs are powerful too. never mention the oldest pair of loud lungs in hall! :P

  3. 3 JonChan
    August 29, 2009 at 10:11 PM

    haha sorry sorry hazel… didn’t pick out your voice from the din outside =D

  4. 4 Buddhima
    September 1, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    have we found any new loud lungs yet? :D

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