Dance Uncensored – A Dancer’s Feedback

 By: Nicholas Chai
Editor: Janice Fan

 We started training since day one of semester two for this event. It was hard work, and for dancers like me who performed in three out of the four items presented at UCC, it was a gruelling three-month training that nobody could imagine, especially as other hall CCAs had begun to settle in as well.

 Anyway, to spare everyone the nitty-gritty details, let’s fast-forward to the day of the performance itself. There were 3 shows this year- two night- shows and one matinee. Dancers from every hall were to report at UCC latest at 8.30 am for the full dress rehearsals.  It did not all go well. For many dancers, it was the first time our items were actually rehearsed on the theatre’s stage itself, and many pressing issues were to be resolved – blockings, lightings and transition time. Everything had to be quick.

As the hours passed our anxiety mounted; with the audience gradually pouring in and filling up the seats it meant that the show was about to start. Beyond the backstage and changing rooms, it was a warzone. Corridors were lined with dancers doing last minute stretches and twirls, vying for every empty space available to warm-up before stepping on stage. Sheares Hall was the first to appear before the crowd, and we could hear the crowd cheering through the intercoms.

KE VII’s first item was Wushu Dance. “Like Mountains, Like Rivers”.  Albeit having a name which might seem cliché, the dance itself was something not to be messed with. It was the only item I wasn’t involved in, but even if I was, there was no way I could have brought out the majestic aura of Wushu like the Wushu dancers. This dance by them was one where strength, stealth and grace blended into one.


Choreography by Fen was up next. Shooting For Love was a simple, but VERY tiring item. The main dancers all agree d that by the end of every performance of Shooting for Love, we all felt literally breathless.




Pink, blue and green – with a clever use of colour combinations and an array of props from umbrellas to toy guns and teddy bears, and adorned with an adorably witty storyline, the item was able to tickle the funny bones of the crowd.

Next up was Lingyi’s contemporary piece, which is far most, my favourite item. I had great satisfaction performing it as it incorporated sleek, beautiful moves with an eerie and disturbing touch to it. You know the itch at your back and the chill running up your spine when you read “Dracula” by Bram Stroker? That’s what you get from this item as it’s all about lusty vampires whose thirst knows no bounds.


Last and not least was a Broadway Jazz by our dance head Yan Ling, whom has given me great honour by choosing me as her partner in the item. The item is an adaptation from Hollywood’s Chicago, were it revolves around a cell-full of female murderers telling their stories of love, grief and animosity towards men.



Dance Uncensored, what a night of breathless performance!
Bravo to KE Dancers!


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