dance uncensored 2009

Writer: Michelle Perera
Editor: Janice Fan

An extravaganza of artistic acumen; a journey through time and space amidst the vibrant rhythms of skillful dancers; an evening of fascinating sights and fabulous performances… Dance Uncensored 2009 was all that it promised to be… and more!

I first heard about DU almost an year ago, when KE’s absolutely passionate dance head, Yan Ling, pondered out aloud if the show was going to be close to her finals – her answer when I asked “What if it is?” was “I’d still choreo the show anyway… it’s my last chance to do something as wonderful as DU.”

And wonderful it was… only ‘wonderful’ is really an understatement. The show itself was a terrific success, and the KE7 dances were truly inspired and delightful representations of the effort and brilliance that the 60 odd dancers (the largest dance team amongst all the halls) had put into the show.

 A traditional Chinese dance on being rooted to ones heritage, saw KE’s dancers in glistening traditional Chinese outfits and fans, showing off their fluttering skills and a series of fabulous moves!


"like mountains, like rivers"... choreographers: sharon & jeremy

For those of you who noticed the photo of Yan Ling and Weng Bo and the so-labeled ‘lucky guy’ on the ‘Memories’ Notice Board at the Dining Hall, KE7’s next dance is where it came from. This cute and funny dance represented an old-school high school setting, with the popular guys, the dorky guys and everyone else trying to impress the girls with their teddy bears and army skills.


Shooting for Love! by Fen

‘This world is not enough’ was a shivery, blood-curdling, yet artistically beautiful performance, inspired by the lives of vampires, and the dancers in red and black did a fabulous job.

choreographer: lingyi!

choreographer: lingyi!

KE’s final performance was choreographed by Yan Ling, and I suppose the anticipation that awaited it had something to do with having to hear about the process that went into preparing for this dance – the costumes, the moves and the hours – almost every day for almost a year! But, it was definitely worth it, and I don’t think anyone would say that I am being biased when I note that it was the best performance of the evening… the dancers looked fabulous; the music, lighting and moves were magnificently coordinated; and the storyline subtly tied together a fabulous array of dance strengths, as each of the key pairs of dancers came forwards to ‘tell’ of their murder stories in typical Hollywood murder movie style!

the storytellers of the night!

He had it Coming!

The combined halls dance was definitely worth the 1-3am practices, and was a masterpiece that showcased the talents and strengths of all the halls.

Amongst the performances by the other halls, Raffles Hall’s ‘Raffles Museum of Dance-versity’, was a catchy, witty and much-talked about piece, about someone who was forced to get a job as a security guard at a museum due to the recession, except that the mummies, ‘spicy’ girls and cavemen at the museum all came to life and competed and mixed their genres and times to create a fabulous fusion of dance.

Overall, it was an evening to remember; a show that will be talked about for a long time to come, and here’s congratulating Yan Ling and the dancers on a sparkling performance and a delightful dance! :)

DansDemonz 2009!

DansDemonz 2009!

Watch out for the interview with Yan Ling that will be appearing on our hall blog soon!


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  1. 1 Jer
    April 2, 2009 at 12:52 AM

    “…almost every day for almost a year!”


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