DnD Pageant – F Block’s Talented Chun Keat & Mae Yue!


Why he’s in this contest
I was approached to join this contest, I did not expect to be short listed as the finalist. Anyway, I am looking forward to learning whatever I can through this contest.

What he wants to be
The winner of this contest? (Ahem… Just joking lar.) I always wanted to be someone who can contribute to the society in whichever ways I could.

His secret
If I let you know, then I guess it’s not a secret anymore. So I guess I prefer to let my secret remain as my secret.

The naughtiest feat ever
I remembered there was once when I spray insecticide on my parent’s clothes after they scolded me for reasons I have already forgotten.

His campus life
I seldom stay in my room except for sleeping. I have been very busy with hall activities. Although persevering through a hectic campus life I guess I enjoyed each and every moment spent with my hall friends. That is the reason I seldom study but thank God I still did well in my exams.

The best pick-up lines he’s heard
You look beautiful today, just like every other day.

He handles his girls
If I have a crush on a girl in school, I guess I would get to know her and be her friend.
If the girl I love ignores me and hangs out with her friends all the time, I guess she doesn’t love me after all.
I would impress my date’s mum because who knows she might be my future mother- in-law?

His body
I have 6 packs which merge into one big pack. 6 in one I could say.

He’s stranded!
If I am stranded on a deserted Pulau Ubin, I just hope there will be a beautiful girl stranded together with me. I hate being lonely you know. Lol.


Why she’s in this contest
Because I have to! and I think it’ll be funny to try something that is not me.

What she wants to be
A doctor with a life! With friends, and family!

Her Campus Life
I sleep, and eat, and play sports, and try not to fall asleep during lectures.

Her secret
During the weekends when I’m free and hall is empty, I love to play the piano to old songs and sing out loud.

The naughtiest feat ever
I can’t think of naughty feats because I’m usually relatively nice. Unless you count putting pepper in cookies baked for my friends!

The best pick-up lines she’s heard
Hi, if I can rearrange the periodic table, I’ll put Iodine and Uranium next to each other  HEHE.

She handles her guys
I’ll just be myself and see how things progress. Will never initiate anything.

Her body
I wish I am ambidextrous so I can save time and sleep more and do other things that I want to.

She’s stranded!
Go snorkeling and enjoy the sights and sounds! And then panic.


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