DnD Pageant – E Block’s Extraordinary Peng Keong & Marie!


Why he’s in this contest
Cumulative factors – I was led to believe that there was a lack of awesome year 1 guys in my block. (Which was not true, there’s Edwin, Yi Rui, Pipetius.. to name a few). Miss Glory Ngim convinced me. It is something I have never done before.

What he wants to be
In addition to attaining a lifestyle of indulgence and excess, I want to be able to exert a positive influence on others.

His secret
I love Macdonalds. My craving-for-Mac curve was exponential while watching Morgan Spurlock’s SuperSize Me.

The naughtiest feat ever
I can’t really recall the naughty things I did when I was younger. But the most recent has to be stripping down to my boxers on the summit of Jungfrau.

His campus life
Apart from classes and sports, I’m not very involved in organizing and planning events.

The best pick-up lines he’s heard
Guy/Girl : “Hey, are your parents bakers?”
Guy/Girl : “Nope. Why?”
Guy/Girl : “Cos you got some really hot buns”
Well, not necessarily best in the sense of effectiveness, but the funniest.

He handles his girls

  • If I have a crush on a girl in school, I’ll try to get to know her either by joining the activities she’s in or through a mutual friend but I won’t resort to using pick up lines – not in school at least.
  • If the girl I love ignores me and hangs out with her friends all the time, I’ll get over her. Time can be better spent with someone who appreciates me.
  • I would impress my date’s mum because it would be weird to impress her sister? I don’t know. Personally I wouldn’t try to impress my date’s mum unless she becomes my mother-in-law in the future. However, since she’s just a date, it would be inappropriate to impress her mum. Furthermore it would be most unfortunate and warped if her mum falls for me.

His body
I want my body to be able to go without sleep and yet feel energetic all the time. That way, I’ll have more time on my hands

He’s stranded!
If I am stranded on a deserted Pulau Ubin I’ll start a fire and wait for help to arrive. But in the mean time, build sandcastles or something


Why she’s in this contest
The proposition of taking part of this event actually came at the same time as a photographer asked me if I was interested in modeling. I was quite surprised because I wasn’t used to get that much attention, so I told myself… why not ?

What she wants to be
An architect.

Her Campus Life
I usually work by myself for more efficiency (… so far, it works!). You’ll never see me in any study room but with a lot of free time to hang around with my friends or out of Singapore ;)

Her secret
… is a secret !

The naughtiest feat ever
I guess, that’s something like when my sister is having an argument with my mum, and I take advantage of the situation, add fake charges on her, and then get favors from my mum…

The best pick-up lines she’s heard
Hey, do you want a drink with me and my friends? (yes sure) Can I have a dance then ? (ok… sure) Can I have a kiss now? (what ?!)

She handles her guys

  • If I have a crush on a guy in school, I will make use of my seductive look on him, but be shy at the same time, so that he has to do the talking part.
  • If the guy I love ignores me and hangs out with his friends all the time, I’ll follow the famous proverb : “ Run after your guy, he will flee. Ignore him, he will desperately come to you”
  • I would impress my date’s dad because I’m smart and pretty at the same time, and I know how to play haha.

Her body
Haha I guess I have the same problem as a lot of girls … cellulite!

She’s stranded!
If I am stranded on a deserted island, I’ll learn how to survive with my bare hands and whatever I can find in the nature, but I’ll also make sure I had some chocolate from Switzerland with me before sinking. Or I’ll find a gentle native to take care of me!


1 Response to “DnD Pageant – E Block’s Extraordinary Peng Keong & Marie!”

  1. 1 ken juin
    March 1, 2009 at 12:09 AM

    Go Peng Keong & Marie! (:

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