HallPlay 08/09 Snippets

Writer: Adrian Chia
Editor: Angel
Photos courtesy of Hazel, KP, Collin

Want to know some interesting goings-on that happened behind the scenes of Pygmalion? Adrian, our beloved Assistant Production Manager, hereby presents to you: HallPlay 08/09 Snippets. =)


Snippet 1: The Chandelier

The chandelier of the ballroom scene was perhaps the most magnificent, most delicately produced set in the entire Hallplay. On both performance nights, it was greeted with waves of ‘wah’s by the audience in appreciation of the beauty that added so much grandeur and glamour to the scene. Made of metal rims and acrylic beads, the chandelier had no inherent lighting or electrical components. How then did it glitter and shine above the grand staircase and the draperies? Actually, the chandelier was lit using 4 spotlights shone onto it from different angles. Those who study physics can probably tell you how the concept of total internal reflection is relevant here, but from a technical point of view, it was an ingenious way to circumvent the need to entangle the chandelier with electrical wires and bulbs. Credit goes to Hazel and Sarah, who spent nearly two months completing it with great craftsmanship. Your cheers and appreciation certainly made them really happy!


Snippet 2: The Opening Video


Almost everyone agreed that the ending song fitted perfectly with the video. Indeed, the video was like a ‘poetry in motion’ – a nicely crafted presentation that neatly summed up all the sweat and labour put in by Hallplay members over the past few months. It was a video dedicated to everyone in Hallplay, especially to the heroes who worked diligently behind the scenes. This final version of the video took Shu Yi 72 hours straight during the last three days leading up to the first performance on 30th January, to re-shoot parts of the video and to edit it after the Director requested for several changes to be made. It was tremendous amount of work, but she did it, and she did it with such perfection and efficiency.

(On a side note, the writer of this article thinks that Eddie looked super serious in the video, probably a sign of his professionalism as a Tech crew.)



Snippet 3: The Bookshelf

The creative maker of the bookshelf and its books had a surprise in store for your curious eyes. If you had a chance to take a closer look at the titles scribbled on the books lying on the shelf, you would have noticed incredible titles like ‘Set Décor ROX’ by ‘Hallplay’, ‘Freak Speak’, ‘Hazelina’s Hazel Nut’ and erm… ‘Burp with Dignity’ by ‘Reuben’. Now the bookshelf stands proudly in Mafer’s room at G309.


Snippet 4: Eliza’s Costumes

This year’s Hallplay was effectively a mini-fashion show, given the numerous costumes that the cast appeared in throughout the play . Eliza alone had 8 different sets of dress – the flower girl outfit, the purple flower girl dress, the Kimono, the cream-coloured dress, the green dress, the lavender dress, the pink dress and the ballroom gown. Lost count of them? Just imagine how quickly Eliza had to change from one outfit to another during the scenes. The Costumes crew certainly had their hands full dressing her up.


Snippet 5: Hartford, Hereford, Hampshire

‘In Hartford, Hereford, Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen’, ‘Ooh, the flame jumps!’ Yes, the flame was genuine, real and authentic. However, this scene was nearly scrapped because of UCC’s safety regulations. After some negotiations, a solution was reached whereby during that scene, a Stage Crew had to be on standby behind the curtains with a fire extinguisher.


2 Responses to “HallPlay 08/09 Snippets”

  1. 1 Wai Kit
    February 11, 2009 at 5:17 AM

    Kudos to costumers and set builders and set decor!

    Ah, the fire problem….. It’s amazing that u guys managed to convince UCC people to allow it. Good job!=]

  2. February 11, 2009 at 3:01 PM

    Credit should also go to the Tech Crew for the “lighting” of the chandelier. It really did look great up there.

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